PINK: I Used To “Sneak Out” Of My House To Watch MTV!

PINK recently admitted to entertainment news that as a young girl, she used to sneak out of her house just towatch MTV.

Obviously, her mom never thought that it would be a home for her future music videos!

KSR 013154

While many of us continue to watch out for the pop star-and first-time mom-on MTV, there was once a time that Pink also watched the channel to watch her own favorite artists!

Or at least she tried to…

The new CoverGirl spokeswoman, who will be performing for the third time at MTV’s Video Music Awards in September, recently admitted to MTV News:

“My mom never used to let me watch MTV as a little girl.”

But as it turns out, she has always been the fearless chick that we’ve always known her to be, so young Pink still insisted to watch it. She shared:

“I would watch it anyway, but she would also try and ground me. I would just sneak out my window and go to someone’s house that had MTV. So to be on MTV is quite ironic.”

Indeed, it is.

Do you think MTV had a hand in turning Pink into the famous, kick ass pop star that she is now?

Photo By PR Photos

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