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Royal Family Blames PRINCE HARRY’s Handlers For Nude Photo Fiasco

According to the latest celebrity news, England’s Royal Family is laying most of the blame for PRINCE HARRYs nude photo fiasco on his incompetent handlers.

Because hey, it’s not Harry‘s fault that he took his clothes off in front of a bunch of people!

SPX 0095991

Us commoners may be overjoyed over Harry‘s naked photo shoot during a party in Las Vegas on Friday, but his relatives-yes, those relatives-are definitely not happy. Not even a little bit.

Apparently, despite the fact that Prince Harry willingly bared his own crown jewels during a game of strip billiards with some girls he met at his hotel, it’s still not entirely his fault… because his team should have handled it.

First, the team should have asked all their guests (the ladies) to surrender their phones if they wanted to party with Harry; second, they should have been very firm on the “no photos” policy… especially after the prince’s clothes came off; and third, they should have been doing their job instead of enjoying the party.

A source tells TMZ:

Harry‘s team acted like a bunch of amateurs.”

What do you think, readers? Whose fault is it?

Photos By PR Photos / TMZ

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Christy Turlington Burns: Grace Is ’8 Going on 14′

Bruce Weber

The model noted for being the face area of Calvin Klein&#8217s Eternity scent and strutting sexily within the video for George Michael&#8217s song &#8220Freedom! &#821790,&#8221 now stays her time prancing together with her 8 -year-old daughter Sophistication, whom she describes as &#8220a really tough cookie&#8221 and boy Finn, 6 , whom she states is &#8220a real mush.&#8221

Christy Turlington Burns graces the September problem of DuJour, which features her and her daughter horse riding.

&#8220I began to consider it back to my existence after i was investing all my time in the barn with Sophistication,&#8221 the model, 43, states of her daughter, whom she describes as &#82208 happening 14.&#8221

Bruce Weber

After investing the summer time in East Hampton, the household is going to Africa, however it&#8217s not thrilling for everybody &#8212 yet. Her kids aren&#8217t happy about obtaining the necessary vaccinations, and Sophistication doesn&#8217t wish to leave her pony, Blackbird, for 2 days, but Turlington Burns is confident they&#8217ll soon feel in a different way.

&#8220I don&#8217t know anybody who hasn&#8217t fallen deeply in love with Africa,&#8221 she confesses.

She&#8217s especially excited for that kids and husband Erectile dysfunction Burns to satisfy the moms and kids she labored with while filming No Lady, No Cry, this years documentary she directed and funded after her very own knowledge about postpartum hemorrhaging.

Later on, Turlington Burns founded Every Mother Counts, with the aim of lowering the maternal dying rate.

&#8220I began carrying this out work once i delivered Sophistication &#8212 that&#8217s very, very clearly why I&#8217m carrying this out,&#8221 she describes. &#8220But I&#8217m even the mother of the boy. It&#8217s vital that you train him to understand women&#8217s issues and also to be kind and sincere.&#8221

Bruce Weber

&#8211 Michael Cohen

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KENDALL JENNER Tweets Sexy Pic Of Her Bikini Bod (PHOTOS)

KENDALL JENNER tweeted a sexy pic of her bikini bod recently.

Sounds like a different Kardashian sister to us…

TYG 029709

Celebrity news has seen Kendall dress up in bikinis, thanks to her barely-legal photo shoots and countless fashion spreads.

What we all haven’t seen her do, however, is follow her infamous, curvaceous half-sister Kim Kardashian‘s footsteps in showing off their sexy assets online.

The 16-year-old model and posted a photo of herself in a blue bandeau-and her friend, Madeleine Johnson, in a lime green string bikini-on Twitter recently, which she captioned:

“sporting the @mikohswimwear with @maddyjohnsonn

Do you think we’re going to see more Kardashian-like photos of Kendall from now on?

Photos By PR Photos / Kendall Jenner‘s Instagram

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Star news tells us that BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN and her pseudo boyfriend, NICK GORDON, got body tattoos recently.

Check it out:

bkbrown tattoo 1

Now that nothing seems to be stopping Bobbi Kristina Brown from dating her “adopted” brother, Nick Gordon, they’ve ben doing a lot of couple-y stuff together… other than splashing photos of them together on Twitter and smooching in public.

And one of their latest activities is getting big tattoos that paid tribute to Bobbi Kristina‘s late famous mom, Whitney Houston.

The 19-year-old showed off their new ink on Twitter-a lion on Gordon‘s arm which “protects” her and a treble clef on her ribs which artist Mike Cummings worked on “all day” for “five or six hours” and had been planning on before Whitney‘s death.

Cummings told Radar Online:

“I did the tattoos Bobbi Kristina and Nick got in memory of Whitney. They were really excited to get them.”

Bobbi Kristina tweeted after getting her latest tattoo:

“Every single one of my tattoos are a symbol to me. Something that will mean something forever to me. Never meaningless, always meaningful (:”

As they should!

What do you think of Bobbi Kristina‘s and Nick‘s latest tattoos?

Photos Via Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s Twitter

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Tastemakers Richard Wright and Valerie Carberry on Their Favorite Things

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When summer is in full swing, Richard Wright, of the auction house Wright, and Valerie Carberry, who owns a gallery that bears her name, settle into a season of gardening, grilling, and outdoor entertaining in the backyard of their 1890s Kenwood home. Dinner parties on the patio typically feature fresh herbs and vegetables that Carberry grows in raised beds and hefty terra cotta pots, which are kept a safe distance from the basketball hoop where Wright and his two sons, who live with the couple, play frequent pickup games.

The atmosphere is casual and traditional, which may seem at odds with the 20th-century art at the core of Carberry’s business or the boundary-pushing design at the heart of Wright’s. But the mood, Carberry says, “feels modern and lively when we’re playing with the boys or relaxing with friends over cocktails.” See below for fifteen of their summer essentials.


15 Things They Love


See photo above. He says: “The more lived in, the more relaxing.”



JAMES PERSE T-SHIRTS ($45 each, Nordstrom, 55 E. Grand Ave.)
He says: “They’re the ultimate in summer comfort, and they only get softer with wear.”



($8 for cruet, left, The Container Store, 908 W. North Ave.)
She says: “It makes a great gift—I like to spread a little fire around.”



MARNI RUBBER BOOTS ($430 for similar style, Barneys New York, 15 E. Oak St.)
She says: “They are surprisingly comfortable and maintenance-free. If they get too muddy, I just hose them off.”



The sausage case at Publican Quality Meats

TOULOUSE SAUSAGES ($9 per pound, Publican Quality Meats, 825 W. Fulton Market)
He says: “They’re delicious on the grill, and picking them up is a quick stop on the way home from my gallery.”



LONG LEATHER GARDENING GLOVES ($35 for similar style at
She says: “Two fingertips are worn through, but they are molded perfectly to my hands.”



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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Laughs and Dances in Season 3 Blooper Reel (VIDEO)

With a little over a month (51 days to be exact but who says we’re counting?!) until the return of The CW’s hit show, The Vampire Diaries, we’re getting anxious for new material.

We guess all we had to do was ask and we shall receive as a three-minute blooper reel from the third season was released. The reel features our favorite residents of Mystic Falls including Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Caroline (Candice Accola) having a laugh, messing up lines and dancing up a storm.

Who appears to be the biggest goof and messes up the most on set?

That would be Somerhalder. He’s seen messing up lines, rubbing his belly and tapping his head at the same time, swearing, faking to eat a pair of red lace underwear, failing to catch a prop for a kill, laughing, and just being hilarious.

nina dobrev has sexy shoot in esquire magazine

7 Photos

Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan, who play sister and brother original vampires, Rebekah and Klaus are also repeat offenders. Morgan has some particularly amusing moments when messing up his lines with Bonnie (Kat Graham) and telling Elijah (Daniel Gillies) he’s too quick on his moves. Holt makes some great faces.

Dobrev’s best moment in the clip has to be a tie between her dancing and failing to drink from a coffee cup. It seems Paul Wesley who plays Stefan is pretty consistent on set as he had only one flub to clear his throat.

When we last saw The Vampire Diaries, Dobrev’s Elena was now a vampire after forcing Stefan to save Matt when their car went off the Bridge because of Rebekah. Prior to the accident, Dr. Fell (Torrey DeVito) had given Elena vampire blood, unbeknownst to anyone else, to help her recover from an injury. Elena had also finally made a choice between the Salvatore brothers and picked who she met first and who made her feel alive, Stefan. Little does she know that she actually met Damon first.

The stars of ‘tvd’ at paley fest

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at PaleyFest

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at PaleyFest

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at PaleyFest

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at PaleyFest

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at PaleyFest

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley at PaleyFest

9 Photos

Tyler (Michael Trevino) was also taking on a different form, that of Klaus, after Bonnie performed a spell to do so. Not to worry, though, executive producer Julie Plec has confirmed Joseph Morgan will be back in an interview with TVLine shortly after the finale.

You can watch the entire blooper reel above.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 PM on The CW.

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Check Out All The Pieces From Nicole Richie’s Macy’s Line HERE!


The wait is over!

First came the sketches, then the campaign and now, we have all the photos from Nicole Richie‘s highly anticipated Macy’s Impulse collection!

View the entire 25 piece line before it hits Macy’s on September 12th HERE!

View the entire 25 piece line before it hits Macy’s on September 12th HERE!

View the entire 25 piece line before it hits Macy’s on September 12th HERE!

See anything U like???

[Images courtesy of Macy’s.]

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