MILEY CYRUS Flaunts Platinum Quiff In Sexy Album Promo Pics (PHOTOS)

MILEY CYRUS flaunted her platinum quiff in her sexy album promo pics taken just this month.

Check her out:

miley new 1

Miley sheds her Disney princess image-and for good this time, it seems-and shows her true colors in the latest racy album promo shoot for her new album.

Though dressed in a sexy outfit as usual-composed of leather pants and a loose, cropped top-and looking more like a punk rocker resembling Pink with dark lips, the engaged singer-actress still manages to direct the focus on her new platinum, pixie cut by twisting and touching it in most of the shots.

miley new 3

Others provide a look into Miley‘s softer, more girlier side as she wears a studded, silver top, nude lips and smiles in the next few beauty shots.

miley new 7

Thanks to her overly-debated short hair, her gorgeous eyes now stand out and it seems her fianc , Liam Hemsworth, could not agree more.

Miley revealed during an interview at the MTV Video Music Awards:

“My fiance loves it. He’s totally for it. He likes just being able to see my face. He thinks it suits me so much.”

Check out some of her other shots:

What do you think of Miley‘s new photos?

Photos Via Miley Cyrus‘ Website

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