Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase

Jewel: I Have Five Halloween Costumes for Kase

Courtesy Jewel

The holiday season is gearing up for a good start in Jewel‘s household — and the excitement is set to begin on Halloween.

The first-time mama and her husband Ty Murray have already compiled quite the collection of costumes for their son Kase Townes.

“He’s going to be about five different things, he’s going to have more costume changes than a Cher concert,” Jewel, 38, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “He’s going to be a chicken, a hammerhead shark [and] a little monkey. [And] at least two other ones.”

But for her baby boy’s day-to-day style, the songstress and children’s book author works to keep a balance between comfortable and country.

“There are days that I put him in little cowboy boots and a little plaid shirt, which is very cute,” says Jewel, who lives with her family (and their menagerie of animals!) on their 2,400-acre Texas ranch.

And while the new parents are still “grooming” their 15-month-old to help with the farm’s daily chores, Jewel shares he is excelling at all of his major milestones — including perfecting his furry friends’ signature sounds.

“He makes lots of animal sounds. He can do the monkey, the dog, the goat, the duck,” she reveals, adding he imitates the animals when he spots them on the property. “Especially cows. He likes the cows a lot.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Amy Jamieson

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