Cynthia Rowley: Get Creative With Your Kids’ Holiday Style

Jennifer Nettles Gives Birth

Courtesy Cynthia Rowley

Finding a wow-worthy ensemble for your kids this holiday isn’t necessarily about breaking the bank or hitting the high-end boutiques, according to Cynthia Rowley.

Instead, the New York based fashion designer (and mom of two!), who recently debuted her first kids collection DREAMPOP by Cynthia R. at JCPenney, suggests adding a few D.I.Y. touches to the pieces your little one already owns.

“The most important thing is to mix it all up, like a homemade bird’s nest headband with a basic dress. Or flannel shirt and jeans with a vintage beaded belt and boys jacket,” Rowley tells PEOPLE.

Customizing your child’s style is fun and easy when you have a sewing kit around she also shares. ”Tinsel Trading is great for buying glittery ribbons, giant ric-racs and other trims and trinkets, [which] you can sew on clothes, shoes, socks or headbands!”

Also on her list of fave shops? Ebay. “[It’s] great for vintage pieces. You can find perfectly worn in leather jackets, cowboy boots or handmade smocked baby dresses,” she muses.

Despite having two daughters (Kit, 13, pictured above, and Gigi, 7), Rowley isn’t afraid to branch out to the boys section of her favorite kids stores.

“I like to shop in the boys department for my girls — I just don’t tell them!” she says.

She also encourages her girls — who are six years apart — to share their stylish pieces with each other. “A sweater might be really small and cute on my older daughter and over-sized on my little one, but they both can wear it in different ways.”

– Anya Leon

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