JWOWW Wants Everyone To See What Her Butt Looks Like (VIDEOS)

JWOWW wants everyone to see what her butt looks like… so she took a video of it. Why? Well, an incredibly unflattering photo of her bare butt has been making the rounds on celebrity gossip websites, and since she can’t stand the thought of people believing that she has a saggy derriere, she decided to provide proof that the pic is a fake.


We all know that JWoww has one of the hottest beach bodies (that have been enhanced by plastic surgery) around, as she’s always flaunting her sexy goods in skimpy bikinis and super revealing outfits.

But in a photo taken on New Year’s Eve, where the reality star is seen bending over in her extremely short dress, her butt (see it HERE) appears less than stellar-it’s all flabby, saggy, and very cottage cheese-y.

Also, she does not appear to be wearing any underwear.

JWoww is adamant, however, that she was definitely wearing something underneath her dress, and that the “vile” and “disgusting” butt in the photo is not hers. Claiming that the photo was digitally altered, the brunette beauty decided to take a video of her butt, because in her words, “you can’t Photoshop a video.”


Photos Via Video Screen Grabs

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