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Kristin Cavallari: Fiancé Jay Cutler Mailed My Engagement Ring!

Signed, sealed, delivered – I’m yours!

While Kristin Cavallari and fiancé Jay Cutler are happy parents to son Camden now, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for the couple.

After initially calling off their engagement in July 2011, Cavallari and Cutler were back together by November of that year.

But Cavallari, 25, says things weren’t as romantic the second time around.

PHOTOS: Awww! Most Romantic Celebrity Proposals

“It was so silly,” she told E! News. “I was in the airport, leaving Chicago. We had just spent however many days together and we were texting and somehow it came up, like ‘Oh, shall we get married?’ We’re like, ‘Yeah, okay.’ ”

“Then he sent my ring in the mail,” she said. “So I actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple of weeks before I put it on.”

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Shirley MacLaine’s Only Daughter Pens a Shocking New Tell-All

Seeing her mom, Shirley MacLaine, play a saucy septuagenarian on Downton Abbey, Sachi Parker couldn’t help but smile.

“She was true to form,” Parker says of MacLaine, 78, whose zinger-slinging turn as Lady Grantham’s American mom shook up the big house this season. “It certainly hit home.”

Hearing about Parker’s relationship with MacLaine makes it easy to understand why.

Raised mostly by her dad, Parker grew up feeling distanced from her movie-star mother. She yearned for MacLaine’s attention – so much so that when Parker, 56, also an actress, became a mom herself (to Frank Jr., 16, and Arin, 14, her kids with ex-husband Frank Murray), “I overcompensated,” she tells PEOPLE. “But being a great mom is healing for me.”

Shirley MacLaine's Only Daughter Pens a Shocking New Tell-All| Shirley MacLaine

In her memoir Lucky Me, excerpted below, she shares her painful story (a story her mother, in a statement to PEOPLE, calls “virtually all fiction. I’m sorry to see such a dishonest, opportunistic effort from my daughter”).

For all their ups and downs, she and her mom “love each other dearly,” Parker says. “I’ve accepted who she is.”

At age 2, Sachi was sent to live in Japan with her dad, producer Steve Parker. In the summers she visited MacLaine. “My visits in L.A. started at the airport, with Mom rushing up and giving me an all-encompassing hug. Once we got into the car she’d say, ‘Let’s have fun!’

“Sometimes we’d head down to the Piggly Wiggly and eat cookies from the bakery. They weren’t supposed to be free, but Mom had no qualms about grabbing one. No one stopped her; she was a celebrity, after all.”


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5 Things You Don’t Know About ‘Side Effects’ Star Rooney Mara (PHOTOS)

“[She] has that innate quality. It’s called watchability.”

Steven Soderbergh is talking about Rooney Mara, the leading lady in his new thriller, Side Effects. And Hollywood has been watching the 27-year-old actress very closely, ever since she caught the town’s eye in David Fincher‘s The Social Network. Mara went from the founder of Facebook’s ex-girlfriend to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, scoring an Oscar-nomination for the latter in the process.

To celebrate Mara’s new role as Channing Tatum‘s psychologically-damaged wife in this weekend’s Side Effects, Celebuzz went digging to find 5 things you need to know about this rising young star.

Click here to launch Celebuzz’ gallery of the 5 things you don’t know about Side Effects star Rooney Mara

Like most young starlets, Mara found early success in the horror genre. In 2009, she headlined the critically-panned remake of Nightmare on Elm Street – an experience that almost turned her away from acting.

“I hated it,” Mara told Vogue Magazine. “It left me thinking, If this is what is available to me, then I don’t necessarily want to be an actress. And then I got the script for The Social Network.”

Thankfully, not even Freddy Kruger could detour Mara from becoming one of the most watchable talents working today.

Get to know Mara in the gallery above, then check out Celebuzz‘ exclusive interview with the Side Effects star below.

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Celebs Hit the Runway for Red-Hot Fashion Show

Red Dress Collection Fashion Show with Kylie and Kendall Jenner and Kelly Osbourne

New York Fashion Week has only just begun, but it’s already bringing major star power. While the red carpet was mostly black and white at amfAR’s annual gala, the runway at the Hammerstein Ballroom was painted red for one of our favorite events of Fashion Week — the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show.

Not only does the annual fashion show — which is part of The Heart Truth campaign for heart disease awareness — combine style and a great cause, but the runway is always filled with a bevy of stylish superstars, all clad in red.

In past years, some of sports, music, TV, film and fashion’s most accomplished female figures — Sheryl Crow, Lindsay Lohan, Katie Couric, Fergie, Kim Kardashian and Venus Williams, to name a few — have practiced their cat walk during the annual Red Dress Collection runway show.

And this year’s show brought another superstar lineup of ladies in red to the runway.

Kylie, Kendall and Kris Jenner, Minka Kelly, Kelly Osbourne, Tony Braxton and Today Show host Savannah Guthrie were among the famous faces who graced the catwalk in a whole new batch of red dresses designed by the likes of Carolina Herrera, Norma Kamali and more.

See all the ladies in red who strutted their stuff at the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show.

Who modeled your favorite red dress? Share below.

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10 Terrible Movies The Stars Don’t Want You To See

amy adams psycho

An actor making a bad movie is inevitable – you can’t hit a home run every time you go out to bat – and during the early stages of an acting career it is impossible not to find yourself in a film that is horrible. Even some of the greats like George Clooney and Johnny Depp had to start right at the very bottom making measly movies with no merit to them whatsoever. Actors will often brush off some of their earlier roles with a smile and a joke, knowing as well as we do that doing that particular movie was a very bad idea.

What is more rare however is seeing an actor trash their own work. Actors are not going to like every movie they are in but they smile and shower compliments as their contract with the seven zeroes tells them to do so, only for them to come back and rubbish the film years later long after their star and bank balance has increased. Making bad movies is just an occupational hazard and you can’t blame actors for wanting some of the films on this list sealed in a vault never to be opened.

Click “next” below to begin our slideshow of 10 Terrible Movies The Starts Don’t Want You To See

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Hitchcock Review: A Flaccid Biopic That’s Disappointing In Every Way

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

How much should likeness play into a performance? This is a question I found myself wrestling with when watching Sacha Gervasi’s (Anvil! The Story of Anvil) biopic of arguably the greatest filmmaker who has ever lived, The Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

Even if the script were in place – which it isn’t – there’s a troubling extravagance in the peculiarly Oscar-nominated make-up job Anthony Hopkins is subjected to, which renders him virtually unrecognisable, but also stifles his performance and prevents it from amounting to anything more than Anthony Hopkins playing himself while trying to play Alfred Hitchcock.

Though the film centers around the relationship between Hitch and his wife, Alma Reville (Helen Mirren), as they begin production on the director’s most famous film, Psycho, Gervasi eschews an intimate examination of the director’s methods and personality in favour of documenting the childish spats he and his Reville have on a regular basis.

Padding things out are some sterile 4th wall-breaking sequences in which Hitchcock conducts pieces to camera, and surreal asides in which he talks to an imaginary Ed Gein (Michael Wincott), the real-life killer who served as the inspiration for the original Psycho novel.

Fighting against both the cumbersome make-up and his own distinctive vocal register, Hopkins does manage to grasp at some of the wit and larger-than-life charm that helps keep the director an intriguing figure even outside of his life’s work.

Along the way, he also channels a few insights into production of Psycho, relating to the magic of editing, and arguably the most memorable revelation that it was apparently Alma who suggested Janet Leigh be killed off at the end of the film’s first act. Indeed, the star of the show is without question Mirren, who clearly relishes playing the spunky woman behind the Master, and consistently surprises as the unexpected source of inspiration in Hitch’s creative process.

There’s no denying, though, that both performers are undermined at almost every turn by John J. McLaughlin’s script, which is based on Stephen Rebello’s book about Psycho’s production, yet doesn’t manage to transform it into something that is particularly cinematic or appealing overall.

More impressive than anything is the period detail, the red carpet premiere of North by Northwest, the Paramount studio lot, the cars and the film sets that all look impeccably of the period. The film’s strongest scenes are surely those rooted in the production of Psycho, namely some tongue-in-cheek gags regarding the source material, and the various administrative issues Hitchcock was saddled with pertaining to the Hollywood Production Code and the film’s sexual and violent content.

To speak of sex in Psycho is, of course, to speak of Janet Leigh, the film’s lead starlet, who is played here by Scarlett Johansson. One can’t help but feel that Johansson’s casting is something of a stunt, albeit one that mostly works, while Jessica Biel being saddled with the role of Vera Miles, however, is wholly less convincing, if only a small part of a film which makes pains to concede Hitchcock’s possessiveness of his actresses – especially those he wants to sleep with.

One scene in which Hitchcock gets exasperated with shooting the famous shower scene and decides to performing the stabbing motion himself is simply too surreal to be believed, and the film slowly tips itself onto the wrong side of weird the further it progresses.

We see Ed Gein sleeping next to his dead mother, and Gein then serving as a therapist to Hitch; though these sequences aim to create a sinister tone reflecting the director’s classic film, all they do is make us wish we were watching more of its production, if not the film itself. Some of the kookiness works – such as some fun shadow play and a shot of Hitch snipping some garden shears – but on the whole it just slows the film down.

Simply, there’s just too much filler, most notably as Alma attempts to stay sexy and appealing to Hitch in the face of Janet Leigh. Their passive aggressive snipes at one another – and Alma’s subsequent excursions with loved-up screenwriter Whitfield Cook (Danny Huston) – create plenty of boring “tension” in the relationship, which only really works when it formulates into the film they’re making, when we see Hitch and Alma as a filmmaking team. To see all that work pay-off at the premiere of Psycho – complete with terrified reactions from the moviegoers – is a brief moment of gleeful delight.

Without question a wasted opportunity, Hitchcock squanders everything from the promise of seeing what makes the famed director tick to its stellar supporting line-up (also including Toni Collette, James D’arcy and Michael Stuhlbarg).

Like the recent Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, Gervasi’s film glosses over the more fascinating aspects of the subject’s personality, and is simply more interested in imaginary conversations. At 98 minutes in length, at least it won’t leave you stewing in your own dismay for too long.

This sentimental, lightweight biopic is more concerned with the childish passive-aggressiveness of Hitchcock’s marriage than the inner-workings of his artistic mind.

Hitchcock is out in the US now and in UK cinemas tomorrow.

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JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Gets His Eyes Checked In New Album Cover (PHOTO)

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE gets his eyes checked in the just released cover for his upcoming album, “The 20/20 Experience.”

justin timberlake album art

Probably to distract us from the fact that he publicly called his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears a “b*tch” this past weekend, Justin Timberlake released another teaser for his upcoming album, which we now know is titled “The 20/20 Experience” based on the cover art that the pop star revealed last night.

In the cover, JT is dressed in a suit and tie-yes, same as the title of his latest single-while looking through a large eye machine. Get the album title now?

He also released the album’s track list. Check it out:

  • “Pusher Love Girl”
  • “Suit & Tie”
  • “Don’t Hold The Wall”
  • “Strawberry Bubblegum”
  • “Tunnel Vision”
  • “Spaceship Coupe”
  • “That Girl”
  • “Let The Groove Get In”
  • “Mirrors”
  • “Blue Ocean Floor”

The album is scheduled for release on March 19.

What do you think of the cover?

Photo Via Justin Timberlake‘s Website

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