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Kate Bosworth & Demi Lovato Show Their Topshop Allegiance In El Lay

Topshop takeover!

After attending the Topshop opening party with the epic guestlist on Wednesday, Kate Bosworth and Demi Lovato made their way to The Grove in El Lay on Thursday for the actual grand opening of the store.

Both girls looked lovely, if a bit mismatched, in their respective outfits.

Demi rocked the hell out of her studded cast with a matching studded leather jacket, black leggings, and a gray tee.

Almost identical to her dinner party outfit the night before!

Kate, on the other hand, went the preppy route in a boxy denim J.W. Anderson for Topshop button-down and floral print skirt worn with black wedge sneakers.

We have to say Demi was the best-dressed on this occasion–her outfit is way more coherent.

Anyway, are U excited about finally having Topshop in El Lay or what?!

[Image via Starbucks/WENN.]

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Brooklyn Decker Stomachs Valentine’s Day Without Her Husband

Rather than spending Valentine’s Day loved up with hubby Andy Roddick Brooklyn Decker was hard at work and looking hawt!

Showing off her abs in a black crop top and blush-colored skirt, the former Sports Illustrated cover girl played hostess at the Gillette’s World’s Largest Shave and Kiss Event event in New York City.

We’d say ‘poor Andy’, but we’re sure Brooklyn will make-up for it by wearing something even seksier than this.

Enjoy your grand slamming in the bedroom, kids! LOLz!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Juanes — The Biggest, Hugest, Giantest Video … Ever!



Colombian singer Juanes is such a massive star around the world — there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe his success! Good thing we remember a poquito Spanish.

Check out TMZ on TVclick here to see your local listings!

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Ethan Hawke Is in Sugar Ray?


Here’s Ethan Hawke at the Berlin Film Festival on Monday (left) — and Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath back in 1999 (right).

Reality bites.

We’re just sayin’.

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Chad Ochocinco’s New Girlfriend — She’s a WHOOTY … White Girl with a Booty


Chad Ochocinco‘s already on the rebound with a new chick … and there’s no denying it, girl’s got some SERIOUS JUNK … even compared to a random girl in the background doing stripper moves.

The video was shot a few days ago in Miami — showing Ocho and his new lady Lauren Popeil getting touchy-feely near the beach … and Lauren’s got an ass like an onion. It makes us wanna cry. 

BONUS: While Ocho cuddles up with Lauren, some random chick in the background felt it was a great time to practice her stripper moves on a pole. Gotta love Miami.

FYI — it’s been six months since Ocho’s domestic violence arrest … when he allegedly headbutted his wife Evelyn Lozada. The two have since divorced.

As for Lauren and Ocho, they jetted off to Spain Tuesday to catch yesterday’s Real Madrid game … where they posted even more cuddly photos on Instagram.


Fun fact: Lauren Popeil is the daughter of Ron Popeil … Godfather of the infomercial … known for his catchphrases “Set it and forget it!” and “But wait, there’s more!”

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TMZ Live: Oscar Pistorius — Olympic Hero Charged with Model Girlfriend’s Murder

Oscar Pistorius — the double-amputee Olympic sprinter — is now charged with shooting and killing his model girlfriend. We’ll tell you what we uncovered about alleged domestic violence in his past — and what people in her life are saying about the couple.

Plus, did Britney Spears really sing on her hit song with Will.i.Am? Eve has her doubts, but Britney’s camp says that’s BS. What do you think?



  • Chris Brown & Drake Sue
  • Lil Wayne Controversy
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    Review: ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ Proves That Willis Should Have Stopped At #4 (Video)

    A Good Day To Die Hard6-20130201-54.jpg

    Bruce Willis reprises his iconic role as police detective John McClane in ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ directed by John Moore (‘Max Payne’) and written by Skip Woods (‘A Team’) and Jason Keller.

    McClane this time around, finds himself in Moscow. Seems his estranged son, Jack (Jai Courtney) has been arrested for murder. McClane isn’t at all surprised; he believes Jack is a total screw-up.

    In truth (and this isn’t a SPOILER) Jack is a CIA operative trying to protect a government whistleblower, Komarov (Sebastian Koch) from being killed.

    Before father and son can hook up, they’re involved in an over the top car chase through the streets of Moscow that lasts around ten minutes (It felt like ten hours).

    After that’s over, the two men spend some time yelling at each other, followed by a few moments of male bonding, as they try to protect Komarov Russian bad guys – there’s lots and lots of bad guys.

    There are also lots and lots of shoot outs with big automatic weapons, along with vicious fights, a little torture and more car chases.

    Get the picture?!?

    I really wanted to love this film or at least be entertained, but unfortunately, neither of those things happened.

    ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ has what you’d expect from an action film – It has action. What it doesn’t have is a good script and well defined characters; you truly don’t care about anyone. You just want the noise to stop.

    Bruce Willis is always fun to watch but even he couldn’t save this film from being nothing more than two hours of non-stop excessive violence, with a twist you can see coming a mile away.

    It’s for these reasons I gave ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ 2 1/2 bagels out of 5.

    The film opens on today on Valentine’s Day, Thursday February 14, 2012. If you’re planning on having a romantic evening, this is definitely NOT the movie to see.

    Check out our video to find out John’s score and for more of our witty banter.

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    Let us know what you think of ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’. Thanks everyone.

    Photo Credits: Twentieth Century Fox Films

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