10 Songs That Definitely Don’t Mean What You Thought

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If you’re like me, you probably find poetry to be confusing. The verse style of writing and the rhythm of language required to write a good poem force the author to use words that they may not have used in any other situation, leading us readers to puzzle out the meaning behind those words. Music can be even more misleading; often, the melody or the tempo of the song can lead us to believe that the song is more up-or-down-beat than the songwriter intended. Adding to that confusion is the fact that we don’t really listen to all the lyrics of even our most favorite songs. As a result, we take sections of lyric, usually the chorus, out of context. We then go on to construe a meaning for the song that never entered the songwriter’s mind.

Another element that adds to our mistakes over song meanings is the fact that the best songwriters know how we listen to music. Therefore, said composers will sometimes hide secret meanings behind cryptic lyrics or a deceptive chorus and sit back and laugh as their fans try to puzzle out the lyrics, or, even funnier, run around proclaiming their totally-wrong interpretations of lyric as if they were set in stone. Usually, however, such mistaken lyrics are unintentional, causing the lyricists to come forth with definitive statements meant to stifle all debate forever. However, like Stephen King once wrote, facts are never enough to kill a good story, so these wrong interpretations generally live on.

This article will look at ten songs that are misinterpreted almost all the time and attempt to reveal the true meanings that lie behind the lyrics. If you come to the article and discover that we’ve left out one of your favorites, let us know about it in the comments below.

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