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Man Utd Transfers: 2 Former United Players Who Should Return Under Moyes

David Moyes

Manchester United have always had a mix of experience and youth in their squads, whether you look at the 1999 treble winning side or the last team under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Throughout the years, players have come and gone. Arrivals excite and departures disappoint, but two of the biggest mistakes of Sir Alex’s reign should be rectified by newly appointed Manchester United manager, David Moyes.

With Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand playing in the last few seasons of his career, now is the time to search for his replacement. Whilst Manchester United already have young English duo Chris Smalling and Phil Jones, as well as experienced defender Jonny Evans, realistically United’s defence could benefit from one other centre-back.

The first player Moyes should bring back to Old Trafford is Stoke defender, Ryan Shawcross. The Englishman was sold to then Championship side Stoke City for a fee of just 1 million back in 2007.

Since then the he has dominated the Stoke defence with his experience, leadership and determination, but despite impressive displays, Shawcross has never been lured away from the Britannia. Last season, the defender played in 36 league games for Stoke proving he can keep up with United’s busy schedule.

At 25-years-old, Shawcross still has a promising future ahead of him and whilst other may doubt him, in the past Sir Alex Ferguson has heaped praised on his former player, proving that Shawcross could easily step up to a top four side.

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5 Invaluable Life Lessons You Didn’t Realise You Learned From Gaming


As a child you believe that, if you follow the rules outlined for you, you will be achieve anything and everything you’ve ever wanted. The world is a ripe orchard of opportunity waiting to be picked at a moment’s notice. But anyone over the age of 20 knows this isn’t always the case. In fact, the most valuable lessons of life are learned outside the government-required methods of teaching and learning.

As I grew up, I encountered some harsh realities that no one really prepared me for. However, they seemed familiar, as if I had lived another set of lives that gave me an insight – albeit the slightest one – into how to best deal with what was happening to me. That’s when lightning struck, and I realized that any reality check or life lesson I would encounter, I would already be prepared for… thanks to video games.

Yes, video games. Throughout my 30 years of life there are five main lessons I’ve learned because of my digital adventures and tribulations, and chances are, you’ve learnt the same things…

5. Most People Are Out To Serve Themselves

Human Shield

One thing I came to grips with through my 20s was the fact that, no matter what field you work in, you will be surrounded by people whose main objective is to further their own lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a non-profit, or deal in some kind of client services; the services rendered are often fueled by an individual’s desire to increase their own repertoire of accomplishments. If it so happens that they are able to do it in a field that allows them to help people, all the better. Those are called psychic benefits. Although nice, most people understand that you can’t pay rent with good vibes.

In the gaming world you often see a similar situation in FPS multiplayer games – particularly in team deathmatch mode. Your teammates aren’t there to help you get the highest score, and you aren’t there to help them. You are all there to achieve as many unlocks and points as possible with the added benefit of being able to use your teammates as distractions. A few games reward the “support” role, like Ghost Recon, or the Battlefield series, but unless you’re playing Journey you won’t find anyone rooting for your cause.

The incentive just isn’t there.

Helping others may give you a brief feeling of accomplishment in the vein of psychic benefit, but it won’t get you the rifle decal you crave so much .

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Pacific Rim: 5 Reasons It’s The Film of the Summer


Giant. Robots. Fighting. Giant. Monsters. It’s a mashup smash-’em-up from the mind of a child and as the description of one of the summer’s hotly anticipated movies, it’s an intriguing and enticing premise at that.

Pacific Rim is the story of a group of survivors in an apocalyptic world as they struggle to fight against watery demonic creatures known as kaiju with their own weapons, massive robots known as Jaegers. At the centre of it all is the story of two different and broken people learning to work together and heal their wounds.

So, without further ado, here are my top five reasons why Pacific Rim really is the film of the summer and why you should go see it immediately if you haven’t already.

5. It’s A Fairytale


Del Toro is especially entrenched in telling us his versions of fairytales – Pan’s Labyrinth is the darkest imagining of Alice In Wonderland possible, mixed in with some traditional Grimm-style darkness and violence and the Hellboy films have an otherworldly beauty to them that slots alongside punch-ups and apocalypses.

Pacific Rim is, arguably, a fairytale at its heart as it follows two very different but similar people on a journey from their respective traumas, overcoming their painful pasts to become heroes. All of this set against the classic backdrop of good versus evil with very solid avatars in the form of the robotic Jaegers and the sea-demon kaiju. Del Toro is perfect at mixing the light with the dark, making Pacific Rim a painful yet hopeful story about survivors saving the world.

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10 Actors Whose Careers Went Downhill After They Won Oscars

Cuba Gooding Jr.

For most actors, winning an Oscar usually marks the single greatest moment in their careers. Having an Oscar under your belt is, after all, confirmation of years of hard work and dedication, the highest honour that your peers can gift upon you to show their admiration and respect, and the best possible guarantee that, hey, you’re pretty good at acting, after all. Put simply, it’s the most esteemed acting award available and winning one should – in theory – open up all kinds of possibilities, ventures, and the promise of more great movie roles.

And whereas all that does happen to the majority of actors who find Oscar glory, sometimes winning the most prestigious acting award around can be something of a curse. That’s to say, lots of actors have found themselves to be the toast of the movie scene one minute, only to try to merge with the industry afterwards to find that Hollywood doesn’t really know what to do with them. Sometimes, of course, a couple of naff post-Oscar movie roles will prove fatal: you won’t believe how quickly Hollywood can kill your career if you screw up, Academy Award or not.

So here’s 10 actors whose careers took a sudden nosedive the moment they became Oscar-winners. Although winning seemed to point them towards brighter futures than ever, it actually had the opposite effect entirely…

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Cory Monteith: An ‘Enduring Sweetness’ on Glee

Cory Monteith arrived in our homes in 2009 in a happy burst of music, color and youth called Glee.

The news of his death in a Vancouver hotel room comes with the shock of someone dying at only age 31 (he seemed more like 22) – and also with the realization that he takes with him that music, color and youth.

Monteith was Finn Hudson, tall, handsome in a clean, square way. He looked like an old-fashioned teenage dreamboat dropped down in a school so up-to-the-minute in its heterogeneous mix he might have seemed out of place – like Ronald Reagan turning up in his brown suit to audition for the annual musical (Rent, say).

PHOTOS: Cory Monteith’s Hollywood Life

But Monteith had an open-faced quality that revealed, or betrayed, whatever emotion he was feeling (or singing) at the moment. He had an earnestness, an awkwardness, a sincerity that gave him a certain rawness – and an enduring sweetness.

The other performers on Glee tend to have the shiny, expert confidence that we want (and need) of a show that expects its characters to burst into song. Monteith never had quite that same edge: His definition was softer. He moved through the corridors of McKinley High at a slightly different lope, and that all lingers in the mind.

At least that’s how Monteith strikes me now – perhaps I’d already begun to adjust my ideas about him after he entered rehab earlier this year for substance abuse. These shadows filter into your perceptions, especially your perceptions of an actor still so early in his career – and associated with a show as bright as Glee.

Miss him already.

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Cory Monteith’s 11 Best Glee Performances

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Prince William ‘Glowing’ at Charity Polo Match

While the world remains on royal baby watch, Prince William is finding time to relax before he becomes a first-time father.

With Kate, 31, resting at her parents’ home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, William joined Prince Harry, 28, at a charity polo match in Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire, on Sunday to benefit homeless charity Centrepoint, Child Bereavement UK and WellChild.

Though he was engaged in the match, Kate wasn’t far from William’s mind – protection officers were on hand to whisk him away to London (by road) should she have gone into labor.

“He is glowing about this wonderful time in his life – and I think we should be glowing with him,” Danielle Alexandra, a trustee of Centrepoint, told PEOPLE at the event. “My sense is he’s excited and very happy at the chance to be a father. He’s one of the most loving people. … He’s a perfect guy to be a dad.”

William and Harry’s appearance helped raise “substantial” funds for Centrepoint, Chief Executive Seyi Obakin says.

After the game – which they lost – the young royals met formerly homeless people whose welfare has improved because of the charity.

“He wants to understand what the real issues are and listens and talks to them,” says trustee Penny Francis. “He’s so supportive behind-the-scenes when he meets young people.”

At the beginning of the game, William showed a hint of his fatherly side as he made faces with a little girl perched on the shoulders of her dad.

At one point in the fourth chukka (period), William flicked the ball toward the crowd and over the small board around the pitch. “Oh sorry, sorry,” he called out to the startled spectators.

The atmosphere in the quiet patch of English countryside was one of calm anticipation, but there was a noticeably heightened police presence in the area. Locals say that whenever Kate is home with her folks the sleepy village suddenly fills with both marked and unmarked police vehicles.

A local source tells PEOPLE, “Like all new arrivals, everyone is just keeping their fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly and mother and baby will be both fit and healthy. … It is obviously very exciting that the future King or Queen of England will soon be living in the area.”

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Erica Lafferty, Daughter of Slain Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung, Marries

Erica Lafferty, the youngest daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung, who was killed in December’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., recently marked a joyous occasion.

On July 6, she married fiancé Christopher Smegielski, at her mother’s lake house in the Adirondacks.

That morning, , Lafferty, 27, paid a visit to her mother’s grave. And she wore her wedding dress.

“I wanted to let her know how much I missed her,” Lafferty says. “No daughter should ever have to do that on her wedding day … and I make sure she is always part of every day, like she always had been.”

Hochsprung was a celebrated educator whose heroic efforts during the tragedy have been lauded by the community – and the nation.

Lafferty says, “Never in a million years did I think I would be getting married without my mother there. Planning for my wedding was actually one of the last things my mom and I did together before she was killed.”

For her bridal ensemble, Lafferty wore custom-dyed converse sneakers, something she and her mom often joked about.

“My mom always teased me because I was such a tomboy,” she says. “When I was picking out my dress, we found you could custom Converse sneakers, so she knew I had ordered them.”

Lafferty lives in Prospect, Conn., and works with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, “to fight common-sense gun laws and join with others who’ve lost loved ones,” she says.

“I’m using my voice to make sure that things change and ensure no one else has to experience one of the most important days of their life without their mother due to gun violence.”

She also maintains an active Twitter profile to share her efforts “against this senseless violence.”

Finally brought you your sign, happy belated birthday Mama! @dhochsprung @vicki1215

– Erica Lafferty (@E_Laffs2) July 2, 2013

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Cory Monteith Was ‘In Great Spirits’ Two Days Before Death

Two days before he was found dead, Cory Monteith enjoyed “a quiet night with a lot of laughing” with one of his first mentors, Maureen Webb.

“He looked so good, so healthy,” Webb, the co-founder of Project Limelight Society, a Vancouver charity close to the actor’s heart, tells PEOPLE. “I hadn’t seen him look that good in a long time.”

Joined by Monteith’s manager Elena Kirschner, the trio dined at East of Main, a restaurant that supports the organization. “We ate a lot of food,” recalls Webb, noting no one drank alcohol. “We drank the rhubarb lemonade.”

Monteith initiated the dinner, telling Webb he wanted to get more involved the non-profit arts program for children that he had supported since its 2011 launch.

“I told him, ‘I remember everything we talked about when we first talked about this project. Now it’s happening.’ His face just lit up. He was in great spirits.”

Two days later, on Saturday, the 31-year-old Glee star’s body was discovered in his hotel room. No cause of death has been determined but police have ruled out foul play.

For more information or to make donation in Monteith’s memory go to Project Limelight Society.

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EARLIER: Cory Monteith, 31, Found Dead in Hotel Room
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Cory Monteith’s 11 Best Glee Performances

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Iggy Azalea Has A Eye-Popping Derriere In London

Jiminy peepers!

Iggy Azalea gave an eyeful of her booty at Dynamo‘s secret party in London last night!

The rapper wore a matching white tank and hot pants by one of her favorite designers, Franc Fernandez, which featured a drawing of a woman on the front and full on cat eyes on the back.

Iggy wore the same rhinestone fishnets that she wore to her performance at GAY Nightclub over the weekend, which we absolutely loved, but we have to say, eye-popping booty shorts are becoming a fast fave!

Think she can see into the future whilst wearing those? Or maybe the past? Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is Abs-olutely Hot In Australia

To welcome Rosie Huntington-Whiteley into their fold, the peeps at ModelCo threw their newest face a wicked party on Hayman Island in Australia on Wednesday.

The supermodel lived up to her sexpot reputation in a white Calvin Klein Collection bandeau top and ankle-length skirt with cut-outs on the hips.

Thankfully, she ditched the sheer overlay that was a part of the runway version of the outfit and replaced it with delicate body jewelry.

Gah, her abs and skin and perfect beach waves are just mocking us!

There’s nothing like seeing an Amazonian goddess in a few pieces of fabric to really make you question your life choices.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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