Fantasy Football Tips: 5 Expensive Misfits You Must Sell Immediately

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Media Image Ltd

We are on to Week 7 already and all the leagues are taking shape as gaps start to appear between teams fighting to top their respective leagues.

It is no different in our very own league with a cluster of teams led by Michael O’Sullivan currently are in contention of winning the WhatCulture league for the 2013/14 season.

Further down the League in say around 247th place, teams haven’t quite got off to the flying start that they’d dreamt of when choosing their teams in anticipation of the new season.

Part of the problem that a player may have encountered are certain players have let your team down massively and are holding you back from accruing a bigger total and shooting up their leagues in a flash.

But, there is no need to panic as you just need to carefully analyse the big hitters and see whether they have lived up to their billing and repaid the faith you had in them.

As for those who have flopped massively, we name and shame some of the bigger culprits as we count down 5 Expensive Misfits You Must Sell Immediately

5. Juan Mata- 9.6million

Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

From the orchestrator of most of what was good about Chelsea last season, he has somewhat become a peripheral figure in this.

Undoubtedly, with the change of manager, would come new ideas and fresh thinking with regards to personnel, tactics and training.

So, with that in mind, it has appeared as if Mata, strangely in many people’s eyes, isn’t needed with such regularity (only playing 167 out of a possible 540) by Mourinho as he was by previous incumbents.

The Spaniard contributed his first assist to the cause, setting up John Terry from his free kick

Overall, Chelsea sit in 4th place with 11 points and ahead of the midweek clash with Steaua Bucharest, he walked out of a press conference after being incessantly questioned over squad selection.

In this instance, Kevin De Bruyne was the player in question, but that could’ve easily been Mata.

All this points to is uncertainty over who can become permanent fixtures in the Blues’ midfield.

Maybe Mata can’t hold this place down and 9.6million spent by 4.6% of the playing population is better spent elsewhere

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