4 Reasons Why Dexter Finale Satisfies

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And so the saga of Dexter Morgan, at least on television’s Showtime network, has come to its expected and controversial end. As is the case with the most “end of series finales,” the audience becomes divided in reaction; both at the same time captivated & polarized, but also outraged at what has just taken place.

Most of the internet and bloggers and columnists are all buzzing with just how disappointing the Dexter finale turned out to be; but this article is not one of those discussions. Instead I engage you all to rethink what you’ve witnessed, and take a closer look at how Dexter Morgan’s tale wrapped up, and why it all was not really that surprising in the end.

4. The Final Season: Another Slow Burn, But Rightfully Serving Its Purpose

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These final few seasons of Dexter Morgan and the Miami Metro saga had been relatively slow, and for the most part, fairly un-moving. Aside from LaGuerta finally realizing who Dexter Morgan really is, last season was really a wash. And this final season was really more of the same, all of us wondering if he would ever get caught after what happened in that shipping container at last season’s end and if his sister would turn him in for all he had done.

But honestly, over time the show became about so much more than IF Dexter would ever get caught. Certainly we were all intrigued early on, so many years ago, sitting with baited breath and waiting for that moment when James Doakes would catch Dexter and reveal his secret to the world. What would his co-workers think? What would Deb think? These questions were the foundation early on in the show, but as time went on, the focus shifted, unknowingly to many viewers. It instead became all about the journey Dexter was on, trying to sort through his inner turmoil and quell his dark passenger… and become something more.

And so this final season of Dexter was actually quite masterful in bringing us to that endgame. With the early reveal that Dr. Vogel was actually someone from Dexter’s early childhood and instrumental in Harry’s development of his son, as an audience we were actually given the opportunity to take that journey of rediscovery with Dexter. He had found someone, someone who was essentially his family, long after Harry was gone. Dr. Vogel gave Dexter new insight into his past, into his early relationship with Harry, and into his lifelong development for who he had become.

But over the years Dexter had actually developed the ability to love, or what he considered love, a type of empathy really, and something a true killer should never be able to do. And so the return of Hannah McKay for the final season helped us see Dexter finally become something more than a person trying to keep his demons at bay. By the time we arrived at the series finale, Dex was committed to starting new, having fully realized, for the very first time, that he could possibly move on from who he was, and become something more. He wanted Harrison to have a mother figure in his life, and Dexter himself was forcibly ready to move on and begin again, away from Miami and the past he had created.

The final season of Dexter finally tied together these different facets of the overall story, and by the end of the season we witnessed everything come to fruition: with Dexter becoming more than a person with the desire to kill, who was finally putting his dark passenger to rest and committing to his own happiness…that is, until the final moments of the finale.

But why Hannah McKay, and why now, at the end of the show…

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