Miley Cyrus Ruins Classic Paintings and Other Funny Things

People are really only talking about one thing this week, and no, it is not my impeccable beauty. (Why aren’t more people talking about that, though? Talk about it amongst yourselves in the comments, please!) No, everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus. “That’s so Miley,” went all the jokes. Well, despite the fact that no one liked her performance at the Video Music Awards, she certainly accomplished something. And today’s Celebrity Meme Roundup is proof.

Enjoy Miley twerking on all of your favorite famous paintings:

Speaking of Miley…

Switching gears, here is Jackie Collins reading the lyrics to Cher‘s “Woman’s World.” Because, ya know, what year is it again?

Find your Jesus, find your Kubrick…

And that’s it for this week, folks! Now, please, begin talking about my impeccable beauty below.


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