WWE: 10 Superstars Who Desperately Need A Heel Or Face Turn


In the run up to Wrestlemania 30, it is important that the WWE has all of its talent well positioned as characters. Now is the time that WWE performers need to be at their very best, as WWE bosses decide on who will get the top Mania spots. For some wrestlers in WWE the best way to freshen up their performance would be a well placed heel turn or face turn.

We saw this happen on Monday Night Raw this week, The Miz turning heel on tag partner Kofi Kingston by leaving him to get beat up in the ring. The character refresh instantly added some much needed relevancy to The Miz as a performer. A face turn can also benefit a character. Take a look at Batista as a classic example. He was the dull uninspiring bodyguard to Triple H in 2004 s Evolution stable. When he eventually turned face on his bullying boss it catapulted Batista into being one of the biggest WWE stars of the 2000s.

A heel or face turn is one of the very best things that can happen to a WWE talent who is struggling to find relevancy. Here we look at Ten WWE superstars who need a heel or face turn…

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