Celebrities With Miley’s Tongue and Other Funny Things

Some have called Miley Cyrus‘ recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards “the gift that keeps on giving,” but I think you’ll find that most people simply refer to it – and the ongoing media circus – as “AGAIN WITH THIS GARBAGE?!” Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to control the tastes of the internet, I have little say in the matter. And the memes, they just keep a-comin’. But hey, at least they’re pretty funny…

So yeah… here are a bunch of celebrities with Miley Cyrus’ tongue. Because #TheInternet:

Speaking of Miley…

I now turn your attention to Tom Hanks‘ face on your favorite animal GIFs:

Are you ready to get nostalgic? Here are photos of celebrities posing next to their former selves… Oh, Miley, what happened?!

I leave you with a few entertaining videos to help you waste your afternoon away. First up, this guy’s reenactment of Lady Gaga‘s “Applause” performance at the VMAs is KILLER:

And now for something completely different! Watch Whoopi Goldberg get interviewed by (arguably) the cutest cat on the world, Lil’ Bub:

And finally, a new Nekci Menij spinoff aired today. And it is wonderful:

That’s all the fun and funniness we can spare! Go out into the world now; live your life, and become a better person. JK PLEASE STAY PARKED AND CONTINUE READING ARTICLES ON CELEBUZZ DOT COM KTHXBAI.


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