Banksy: 7 Great Artistic Achievements So Far


Some say graffiti isn’t art.

While some amateurs with spray cans are content on vandalizing public property with gibberish, street artists will carefully plan where they will set up their artwork so that they can “give back” to the public in the form of their artwork.Graffiti art can be more than just incomprehensible letters sloppily tagged on walls or train cargo. Many street artists (Shepard Fairy, Invader, etc.) have become recognized for their artistic tributes to the public, but one individual stands out for his dark comedic artwork and his infamously mysterious persona.

This man is the London based, street artist and political activist that is Banksy.

For well over a decade now Banksy has been conjuring stencils and sculptures that he publicly displays in locations ranging from London to Israel. Such contributions by the reclusive artist have become influential in the street and pop art scene. After researching Banksy’s artistic career, I’ve come up with the seven most notable works done by the secretive activist that evoke the power of satire and self awareness for the general public the most.

It’s worth mentioning that while this list is made up of the more notable works by Banksy, this does not decrease the quality of the rest of his artwork. There is so much more to Banksy than the seven works on this list, years of artwork worth checking out. Please support the official release.

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