Woman Brown Leopard Pattern Multi Coated Lens Plain Plano Glass Eyeglasses

  • Item Name : Plain Glasses;Design : Multi Coated Lens;Fit for : Ladies
  • Bridge Width : 1.5cm/ 0.59″;Frame Width : 13.5cm/ 5.3″;Frame Depth : 3.4cm/ 1.3″
  • Lens Size : 5 x 3cm/ 2″ x 1.2″(L*W);Arm Length : 13cm/ 5.1″;Lens Color : Clear
  • Arms & Frame Color : Brown;Arms & Frame Material : Plastic
  • Weight : 24g;Package Content : 1 x Plain Glasses
  • Features clear MC lens, brown plastic full frame and arms, single bridge. Ideal for protecting your eyes from sands, winds and other damages when outdoor. There are two explanatory drawing pictures for reference: Non-coated lens for common efficiency of a plain glasses (Non-coated lens plain glasses are not included in the package), here we sell multi-coated lens, multi coated lens can prevent the reflection of light so that it looks much clear, it can get rid of fatigues of eyes and make people look clearly.


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