Bailey: Elastic Faux PU Leather Waist Belt for Fashionable Women by 4fashion

  • 3 Inch Wide Elastic Waist Belt
  • Small Fits 24-28 Inch Waist / Medium 26-30 Inches / Large 28-32 Inches
  • Faux PU Bonded Leather Tabs with Premium Double Contour Stitching
  • Two Nickel-Style Prong Buckles
  • Designed in Canada. Imported.

For the woman of simplicity and minimalist tastes. Bailey is a 3 inch wide elastic waist belt that features synthetic, PU leather tabs with premium double contour stitching and two nickel-style prong buckles. Great stretch, goes great with a dress or long top, and made to survive the strains inflicted on it by your daily life. Available in sizes small, medium and large. As important an accessory as a handbag, a belt doesn’t just hold up your pants or pull in your tummy. Designed in Canada. Imported. 4fashion is all about getting the absolute best fashion styling and offering it at the best, unbloated, free-of-unecessary-costs price we can give you.

Price: $35.00



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