Farrah Abraham’s Dad Will Only Talk About Daughter’s Plastic Vagina Toys For Cash

Farrah Abraham kiss Bikini

In the wake of the sex tape she filmed with actor James Deen, Farrah Abraham is directing her business-minded prowess toward a new venture: sex toys. Like a plague of locusts, The Backdoor star is set to release the toy molds of her frontdoor in January 2014.

We reached out to Michael Abraham, Farrah’s dad, for his paternal opinion. But Abraham, who had helped negotiate the terms of his daughter’s sex tape, was uninterested when pressed for comment.

“Are you going to pay me?” he asked.

Farrah’s father went on to inform us that outlets like TMZ have offered to pay him to opine on his daughter’s decision to sell the sex toys, and that he would only comment in exchange for money. Like father, like daughter.

He added: “You make money for a living too, so you know how the game is.”

But because Abraham didn’t want to overstep his bounds between his father-daughter relationship, he wanted to check with Farrah and her management team before saying anything else.

Before abruptly ending the interview, Abraham told us: “I’m not making any statements at this time. Thank you for your understanding. Word to the wise… stick to the facts it’s safe that way.”

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