9 Nerdy TV Events That Have Vanished Off Our Screens


TV is so bland these days. It has lost its quirkiness – like technical c**k ups where we would be treated to a screen saying “We apologise for the delay. Normal programming will resume shortly”. There is no TV clock anymore. I remember the days before breakfast television whenever there used to be start ups! There were even strikes – ITV went off the air for about three months in 1979. We will surely never see the likes of that again.

I am an unashamed TV geek, nothing pleases me more than looking at television idents on Retro TV websites. I frequently enjoy Pages From Ceefax on youtube. This list is for the geeky and nerdy TV watchers from days of yore. I wrote it in tribute to you.

9. ITV Franchising

itv carlton

ITV was set up during the 1950s to give the public a change from the BBC monopoly of TV broadcasting. It was mandated by the ITA – Independent Television Authority. The first network to broadcast was Associated Rediffusion in London.

Local ITV franchises appeared in its wake. They were known for strong regional programming and identity. Franchise reviews would take place regularly to ensure each regional company was satisfying its viewers, making plenty of regional programmes, and making money. There were franchise reviews in 1963, 1967, 1974, 1980 and 1991. These were generally exciting affairs with rival companies trying to usurp the incumbent.

Things fell to bad in 1990 with the Broadcasting Act. ITV companies could buy each other out. This led to a decline of the franchise era as Granada television and Carlton ate up all of the regional franchises and amalgamated them into ITV plc. The only independent companies left are STV and UTV.

I think that this takeover of the ITV franchises has diluted a lot of the flavour of local programming. I am so glad that UTV wasn’t gobbled up by Carlton or Granada. UTV has a very strong local brand that is respected and cherished all over Northern Ireland.

But those days of franchise television are sadly over.

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