10 More Trippy Freak Out Film Scenes That Will Melt Your Mind


Like a bad case of the movie munchies, we’re coming back for more.

Following on from my previous article, here are a further ten examples of film characters tripping on everything they can get their mashed little mitts on. Prepare yourselves for a second dose of Sixties psychedelia, an eye-opening ride through the Eighties and plenty of scenes that’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. There’s even a lion thrown in there somewhere.

And so, in what must be surely one of the most madcap movie marathons ever assembled, I present to you 10 More Trippy Freak Out Film Scenes That Will Melt Your Mind. Once you’ve reached the end, we recommend a couple of paracetamol and a nice lie-down. Just don’t stare at the ceiling for too long…

10. Training Day


Never let it be said that Detective Alonso Harris (Denzel Washington) is lacking a sense of humour. After goading his new partner, the naive rookie Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), into smoking a pot pipe confiscated from a crime scene, he takes no small pleasure in watching Hoyt hack and splutter from the passenger seat. But this doesn’t feel like an ordinary joint…

As Hoyt slumps back in his seat, his face turning a sickly shade of green, he watches from his window as the colour slowly drains from the outside world. Harris seems unconcerned, his voice echoing around the car. But after a spot of banter becomes something a bit more sinister, he decides to pull out the punchline. No wonder Hoyt’s feeling less than fresh: the marijuana had been laced with PCP. Buurrrn!

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