CommentBuzz: The Week’s Best Reader Comments About Beyoncés New ‘Do, Lady Gaga’s Leaked Song, and More

Can I tell you a secret? My life is pretty great. I saw Beyonc perform at Barclays Center on Monday. Sometimes, there are dogs in our offices. There are free bagels on Fridays. I’m re-watching Veronica Mars (because they’re making a movie!), and that’s a really great show to re-watch. There’s been a ton of fun Lady Gaga news lately, and you know I love me some Mother Monster. You know what, though? The best part of my week is always… [ANSWER AFTER THE JUMP BECAUSE I AM TRICKY LIKE THAT HAHAAHA]

My favorite part of the week is always reading through your comments and compiling them for a new edition of CommentBuzz. You should feel honored, commenters. And this is why:

Beyonc cut her hair, and everyone in the world freaked out. Mostly with excitement, though:

“I guess she took her song “If I were a boy” to heart. Hey, she is not the first one to wear such a style. I remember when Toni Braxton made the cut way way more famous. I ain’t cutting my hair just because Beyonce did! I’m allergic to scissors. She is still beautiful!” – anitamb

“yeah right, so she buys a nice short wig, who cares!” – missfoxy24


“She looks great no matter what.” – Rebecca

“Short,Long,Lots Of Hair Or No Hair B Is Still Beautiful No Matter What You Go Bey :D” – jayjayboo

“Guess she got tired of the fan snatching it.” – Marissa

A new Lady Gaga song, a demo of a song called “Aura,” hit the internet. Reactions were, well, mixed:

“WOHOOO” – Dzakwan

“This song is freaking horrible and hurts my ears. I wish this clowns 15 minutes would be up already. Does Gaga even have fans anymore. She is so irrelevant.” – giod

Speaking of Lady Gaga, she currently holds the lead in our VMA fashion showdown, but not all of you are pleased about that:

“Given that Gaga completely ripped off a piece of art from 1987 and said it was her original concept, she in no way deserves any recognition for that dress.” – Rob

Katy Perry may be so over her Teenage Dream-era blue wig, but…

“we over katy perry five years ago.” – Crabtree Nick

We took you on a tour of Jeff Lewis‘ $3 million L.A. house, and you liked what you saw:

“HOLY CRAP BAT MAN! That is one beautiful house. I love Jeff’s work but have always wondered why he puts so much into his own homes only to sell them shortly after completing them. This is his best work yet…totally love the colors and design. Yet another great Job Ryan….keep it up!!” – elojanis

Lastly, Miley Cyrus announced that the title of her new album is BANGERZ, and one commenter nicely summed up everyone’s thoughts:

“That’s uhm…Interesting…” – James

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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