5 Amazing Pop Anthems Of Summer 2013

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Pop has come back full force this summer with the emergence of mega-hits from everyone from Gaga to Miley. Pop as a genre seems to be experiencing a fantastic period of cyclical pleasure. Whatever your pop allegiance, there’s no denying that everyone’s been enjoying some of the best tunes this summer.

However, some songs have been woefully ignored, and relegated to being a popular album track or have even been left out without a proper release date for fans to scramble at desperately in order for the tune to become a central part of their essential pop summer soundtrack.

So, without further ado, here are five amazing pop anthems of summer 2013, varying from the hugely successful to the largely unrecognised…

5. Jason Derulo – “The Other Side”

Popanthem Jasonderulo

Returning after a serious neck injury with a barnstorming new single, Jason Derulo’s new single ‘The Other Side’ at first seems like any of the other kinds of EDM/dance-pop currently sitting happy in the charts but not really proving to be anything revolutionay or worth mentioning. Derulo is, after all, quite adept at these dance-pop ditties but after a year or so out of the game, his return is a pleasant treat.

However, the song quickly grows on you with a sweet and danceable chorus about changing from friends into lovers that’s found its way on the dancefloor very quickly. The fact that this was written about Derulo’s current beau, the sweet and lovely R&B singer Jordin Sparks, makes this song go down better than ice cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day and is all the more enjoyable for that. After all, everyone loves a couple genuinely in love.

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