10 Most Ridiculous Character Names In Video Games


We have all seen some pretty absurd names in video games, whether it be from something on the sillier side like Conkers Bad Fur Day, or something a little more serious like Final Fantasy. There is that moment when you are playing a game and you are introduced to a character with a name so long you couldn’t pronounce it if you tried, or a name so silly that you actually burst into laughter when you see it, the name of a character becomes an iconic part of not only the game, but the fandom as well and it begs the question that we all have wanted to ask at least once in our lives, “what were they thinking?”

Video game character names have become such a staple to the game itself that it is hard to decipher if the name is ridiculous but we are used to it, or its just a normal name, if you say something enough, anything can sound normal. So without further ado, this is my list of most ridiculous character names in video games;

Honourable Mention:

Samus Aran

Images 4

Although Samus isn’t a ridiculous name, which is why it is only getting an honorable mention, it did have the added effect of confusing everyone who played into thinking Samus was a man, when infact she was a really tiny blonde girl. Not at all what I thought was under that power suit. Samus had generations of people using her character, and became highly popular in Super Smash bros, all while people thought she was a he, Mulan would be proud Samus.

Lets start off with one of the less known characters:

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