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‘Strike Back’: Is This TV’s Best Action-Adventure Series? Watch Exclusive Video!

Strike Back

If you were to look up the definition of the phrase “TV action series,” you should see a picture from Strike Back.

The Cinemax drama has all the right ingredients for a production that’d make Michael Bay green with envy. Continuing on from a successful British first season, which was itself based on a sharply written novel by Chris Ryan, it is a veritable buffet for the action-adventure crowd. Over two seasons, there have been various exotic locations, lots of big weapons, hails of gunfire, plenty of explosions, several fistfights, and numerous deaths in the line of duty. This year, there’s a half-hour action sequence on a train. One can only imagine the folks responsible for safety – not to mention expenses – back at the network biting their nails at all of this mayhem.

And they’re not the only ones. Not since the early years of 24 has a show created such genuine tension for an audience, where we throw common sense out the window and truly believe that every character could be killed each week. We legitimately fear for Michael Stonebridge, Damian Scott, and their associated cohorts from Section 20. We scream at the TV screen, sit on the edge of our seats, find our knuckles turning white. That’s because this vast array of action-adventure happenings doesn’t just exist to look good or impress us with the size of the next effect. To quote John Cusack in the movie City Hall, this is tough stuff. This is body bag stuff.

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