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Alyssa Milano Shocked at Son Milo’s Growth Spurt

Alyssa Milano Men's All Star Bash


Alyssa Milano, who grew up before America’s eyes, is still getting used to the leaps and bounds her 22-month old son Milo Thomas is making.

“He’s been here [in New York] with me for the last seven weeks since I’m hosting Project Runway All Stars and the difference is amazing,” Milano, 40, told PEOPLE at the and Nivea Men’s All Star Bash on Sunday.

“I brought a baby and I’m going home with a little boy. It’s so crazy! He’s gotten so big,” she adds. “I take it day by day and enjoy all of my time with him. I’m blessed to have the kind of job that he can be with me every day. But it’s still freaking exhausting!”

Though the actress – who is a longtime Dodgers season ticket holder and designer of a women’s MLB apparel line – clearly is an advocate for the nation’s pastime, she’s not putting pressure on her son to find his way to a baseball diamond.

“He seems to be gravitating the most towards basketball,” she shares, adding proudly, “He’s really good. He gets it in the basket and everything! Whatever he decides to do, I’m totally all for it.”

As for her steamy work on ABC’s Mistresses, Milano’s character Savi Davis will find herself in even more hot water as the season progresses. After having an affair with her coworker, she finds out that she’s pregnant and finally confesses her indiscretion (but not the baby news!) to her husband. It’s only going to go downhill from there.

“She has a pretty big cliffhanger at the end of the season,” says Milano. “It gets progressively worse for her. It’s from all sides – her mom comes into town. Everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong.”

– Mary Margaret

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