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5 Villains Who Could Appear In Batman Vs. Superman Movie

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One of the questions regarding the Superman/Batman film is who the villain or villains are going to be. Unlike Batman or Spider-Man, most of Superman’s rogues gallery is unknown to the mainstream audience. People usually know who Lex Luthor is, but when you ask someone who doesn’t know Superman comics who Brainiac, Toyman or Mxyzptlk is, most answer with ‘who?’

This can actually be a good thing for the next film as it can introduce these villains to the mainstream audience without them thinking the choice of villain sucks. While there is one villain in particular who is almost a certainty, it is currently unknown if any other villains are set to appear.

In this article I name five villains who I hope to play the antagonists against Superman and Batman. Not all of them in this one film of course, that would just be too crammed, but some characters I hope they strongly consider.

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