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Beyond Two Souls: 8 Reasons It Sucks

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With one eye open, dribble pouring from the side of my mouth, my head fighting to stay upright and sleep engulfing me like a cloud of depression; this was not me going home on the night bus at 4am after a heavy nights drinking, but rather the state I was in as I approached the ”trilling” climax of Beyond: Two Souls.

Having been a huge fan of ‘Fahrenheit’ and ‘Heavy Rain’, I was looking forward to David Cage’s new movie/game offering. I was looking forward to it so much, I accidentally ordered the Special Edition from two different outlets. But what followed was something that can only be described as a crashing disappointment.

There is so little in Beyond: Two Souls that can be described as a game, it is a wonder that it’s not been investigated under the Trade Descriptions Act. Pretentious, dull and a cluster of clich s, Beyond: Two Souls is like you’re being forced to participate in movie you know is terrible but are contractually obliged to finish. Every time you think it might get better, it comes crashing down to Earth again and spends another two hours making you drag it through the mud that is the story, while wearing lead boots.

Fans will argue that Beyond: Two Souls is innovative, it’s a new way to tell a story through the medium of video games and that the thrilling storyline more than makes up for the limited interaction. But they would be wrong. Like I said, I loved ‘Heavy Rain’ and it was one of the best experiences I had on the PS3. However, if it is too much confidence, too much freedom or no self-control, something went wrong during the development of Beyond: Two Souls.

A game that should have been the last must-have exclusive for the PlayStation 3, Beyond: Two Souls instead shows itself to be a terrible movie that’s been repackaged as an ”interactive experience.” Click ‘Next’ to find out why the game was so terrible.

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