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Throwback Thursday: That Time Britney Spears and Snoop Played Ball

Thank you, Miley Cyrus. If it were not for your Throwback Thursday (tweeted on Wednesday, but never mind that), Britney Spears‘ “Outrageous” music video featuring Snoop Dogg may have just continued to collect dust as a forgotten artifact in the pop culture attic.

Here is Britney and Snoop back in summer 2004, on the Queens, N.Y., on set of the Dave Meyers-directed music video for “Outrageous,” the final single – written by none other than R. Kelly – off Brit’s fourth album, In the Zone.

What they made is pure pop gold. The clip shows Snoop and a group of guys casually playing pick-up on a street basketball court. And up walks Britney, ready to ball in her hi-tops, basketball shorts, sheer jersey (push-up bra peeking out, logically), and sideways trucker hat (remember those?).

After a few half-hearted dribbles, Brit passes the ball, walks straight to Snoop, and jumps up to straddle his waist, as she seductively sings:

“I just want to be happy/ In a place where love is free/ Can you take me there/ Somebody, ooh/ And when you mention my name/ Make sure you know the truth, yeah/ Until I vow to keep it forever.”

What that means, even the lyrical gods wouldn’t know. But it doesn’t matter, because you are not listening. You are just watching, waiting, for that magical, moment when Britney licks Snoop’s face. Yes, licks.

Press play, above, and enjoy the stomach-turning show.

Then see what other old-school snaps stars – from Beyonc to One Direction – shared in this week’s Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Edition.

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Here’s a Teaser Clip of Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ Music Video

Like her residency at Planet Hollywood, Britney Spears‘ new music video will be taking place in the desert.

The singer teased fans with a short clip of her “Work Bitch” music video on Instagram Thursday night and it’s certainly harkening back to the days of Spice Girls’ “Say You’ll Be There.” Complete with leather bustiers and a Maserati (yes, just like in the lyrics), the teaser shows Spears working some serious arm-ography in the barren sandy landscape.

“My choreographer actually, when I was doing the rehearsals for this video, he was like, ‘Britney, you are not a sweet mommy in this video. You are nasty bitch mommy in this video,'” Spears recently told E! News of the shoot.

Watch what the “nasty bitch mommy” can do in the teaser clip, below. Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.

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Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ Single Gets Release Date

Mark your calendars: Britney Spears‘ new single will be officially released in just five days.

Unless a leak (a la Katy Perry; Lady Gaga) happens, the world will hear “Work Bitch” for the first time on local radio stations and iHeartRadio at 6 p.m. EST on Sept. 16.

On Tuesday night, Spears took to her Twitter to make the announcement, adding:

Work Bitch will be available on @iTunesMusic that night at 12:01am ET, Sept 17th… are u ready?! #YouBettaWorkB #1Week

– Britney Spears (@britneyspears) September 10, 2013

The 31-year-old pop princess also expressed her excitement for her new collaboration with Miley Cyrus.

Now It’s Britney AND Miley bitch! #TheyreNotReady for this @MileyCyrus… 😉 #SMSbangerz

– Britney Spears (@britneyspears) September 11, 2013

Spears is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America one day after the release of “Work Bitch.” No word on whether or not she’ll perform the single. (She probably will, right?)

Last weekend, the singer shared some behind-the-scenes photos from set of her new music video.

“Work Bitch” will be the first single off Spears’ untitled eighth studio album. Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.

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Charli XCX is Writing Songs for Britney Spears’ New Album

Charli XCX says she's writing songs for Britney Spears' upcoming eighth studio album.

The latest dispatch from Britney Album Watch ‘013 is that spunky British badass Charli XCX is working on writing songs for Britney Spears‘ upcoming eighth studio album. Charli told Digital Spy that so far she’s written “one song and it’s a great track and if she likes it then amazing.”

Charli continued:

I’ve been doing some writing for the Britney record. I was freaking out. I didn’t even want to go to the session I was so excited. I was so worried I would f**k it up. … I was doing some stuff for that yesterday actually. Who knows how it will go.

Charli shot to prominence this year as the co-writer of Icona Pop’s ubiquitous “I Love It.” She also released her own debut album in April, True Romance. Charli has already proven herself to be edgy and talented and this is just great news all around. A+ everybody.

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BRITNEY SPEARS In “Discussions” To Become An Author

The latest star news reports that BRITNEY SPEARS is in discussions to become an author.


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Britney Spears could be joining the likes of reality stars such as the Kardashians and Snooki who have written and published their own books.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the “X Factor” judge could reportedly be penning a fictionalized novel inspired by her real-life experiences and will be published by It Books, under HarperCollins Publishers.

The Hollywood Reporter got into details:

“The story would incorporate fictionalized versions of her own experiences, much like Lauren Conrad‘s 2009 New York Times bestseller L.A. Candy, which was about a girl who moves to Los Angeles and becomes the star of a reality show.”

We hope she says yes to the offer!

What do you think of Britney becoming an author?

Photos By PR Photos

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Britney Spears Is The Ultimate Fantasy Girl In New BTS Clips

We just can’t get enough of Britney SpearsFantasy Twist ad!

So much so that we pretty much eat up every single little nugget of behind-the-scenes info that we can get our hands on.

The lovely and sweet Brit Brit posted not one, not two, but THREE brand new teaser BTS clips from her new fragrance commercial on her Twitter, and after watching them, we want MORE MORE MORE!

Watch her get sultry and mysterious as the “Vixen” in the (above) clip and check out her gorgeous “Goddess” and fabulous “Flapper” clips (below)!

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