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Show Us Your SUPER SECRET Power And You Could Win $2,000!

Carrie White can move cars, make lightbulbs shatter and generally be an awesome force using the most powerful tool she has – her mind. This is literally the coolest thing we can think of, and try as we might to move mountains with our mind, we just CAN’T.

Tough luck for us, but we’re willing to bet that YOU have some pretty sick treats up your sleeve. That’s why we want you to show us how you #FlexLikeCarrie and put YOUR best secret power to use!

What’s a secret power you might have? How about the amazing ability to Hadouken the haters?

What about that time you grabbed the Leaning Pisa and squished it for the world to see?

Really, guys, this is an easy one – your secret power could be LITERALLY anything. Show us on video how you can walk up walls, or how you create sonic booms with your killer singing voice. Show us the power you have that NO ONE else does and you could win $2,000!

You with us? Good.

  1. Create a Vine or throw a pic or video up on Instagram showing us your super secret, super awesome power.
  2. Tag the video or photo using the hashtag #FlexLikeCarrie. (Yo: make sure your account is public so we can see it!)
  3. Share your secret power on Twitter!
  4. Make sure you have these up by October 20th, so we can announce the final winner!

We’re clear, here, yeah? Get to work, dudes!

For official rules, click here.

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