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Maddie Aldridge Channels Aunt Britney Spears’s Schoolgirl Style

Courtesy Jamie Lynn Spears

Hit me baby one more time!

At least, that’s what was probably on Jamie Lynn Spears‘s daughter Maddie‘s mind when she decided to dress up like her aunt Britney Spears recently.

“Guess who Maddie [wants to be] for Celebrity Day at school,” her mother posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

From her knee-high socks and plaid mini skirt to her pigtails and black cardigan tied at the waist, the 4-year-old adorably channeled Spears’s signature (and oh-so infamous!) schoolgirl style from her first big hit, Baby One More Time.

After already mastering her aunt’s music, it’s no surprise Maddie wants to follow in the The X Factor judge’s footsteps. In February, Jamie Lynn told Glamour that her daughter was showing signs of a future in the spotlight.

“Maddie loves her Aunt Britney’s songs. She loves dancing and singing and all of that,” she shared. “I definitely think music is in her genes.”

– Anya Leon

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