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KANYE WEST Doesn’t Have Just One Sex Tape… He Has TWO!

Celebrity gossip websites have just learned that KANYE WEST doesn’t just have one sex tape… he has TWO!

We always knew the guy was an overachiever.

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Kanye is not one to do anything half-assed… so when he does a sex tape scandal, he does it well.

The rapper, whose first rumored sex tape with a Kim Kardashian look-alike created major buzz last week, now reportedly has another sex tape that’s being shopped as we speak to interested bidders. Both are impressively long-the first about 20 minutes, and the second a solid 40 minutes-and were filmed in the last two years… before he started dating his girlfriend, veteran sex tape star Kim Kardashian.

TMZ reports:

“Sources close to Kanye tell us the rapper has no idea how the videos were lifted from his computer — but if anyone releases the footage … we’re told Kanye plans to go after the culprits with a legal vengeance.”

Would you watch Kanye’s sex tapes?

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