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Cissy to Clive: It’s Not Right, and It’s Not Okay

Divided they stand.

As the one-year-anniversary of Whitney Houston‘s death on February 11 approaches, her family is in turmoil over whether to attend Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party. But her mother, Cissy, knows where she stands.

“I got an invitation to the party, which is the most obscene thing,” she told Access Hollywood Thursday. “I don’t know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died, you know? Unheard of.”

Houston passed away at the age of 48, just before she was scheduled to attend Clive Davis‘ annual pre-Grammy party, so it’s understandable why his invitation would upset her mother. But Cissy admits that Davis possibly sent the invite as a tribute to her late daughter.

“I guess maybe he just sent me a copy for remembrance sake,” said the 79-year-old, who said she won’t be attending the awards ceremony either.

Meanwhile, other members of Houston’s family feel differently: Houston’s brother Gary Houston and his wife Pat, plan to attend the soiree. The couple told Entertainment Tonight that they feel it’s important to support Davis, who discovered Houston at the young age of 20 and who had such a huge role in her illustrious career.

“[Clive] was such an important part of Whitney’s life. I mean, that was her industry father and he really, really was,” Pat said. ”My husband and I will definitely be there this weekend to support Clive. Absolutely.”

Clive’s invite isn’t the only struggle in Cissy’s recent history: She has also suffered drama with Houston’s daughter, Bobby Kristina Brown, who attacked her grandmother for writing a revealing book about Whitney.

Kristina even took to twitter last week and slammed Cissy, tweeting: “I find it 2b disrespect2mymother & me being her daughter won’t tolerate it.”

Cissy, however, chalked the comment up to sadness.

“She’s grieving. [She’s] really grieving,” she told Access Hollywood. “Bobbi Kris knows – she better know – that I love her. Anything I can do for her, I’ll be there. I wouldn’t say anything [bad] about my daughter. That’s MY daughter, whom I loved with all my heart.”

Do you think it was appropriate for Davis to invite Houston’s family to his Grammy party? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.

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