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Before Watchmen: Comedian #5 Review

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Comic: Comedian #5

Written By: Brian Azzarello

Pencils By: J G .Jones

Publisher: DC Comics


Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Once again we find Edward Blake in ‘Nam and once again he explains the insanity of the situation and the no rules approach he takes towards the conflict.

In the first couple of issues of Comedian I thought that the mini series would be more than just a war comic. I knew there would be elements of Blake’s army life given the characters rich backstory in conflict but now we’re five issues in, I’m sort of bored of it.

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I wish this was more about Edward Blake as the Comedian back in the USofA. I wish his interactions with Doc Manhattan were covered more or his days between finding out about Ozy’s secret island and his final days before Ozy silenced him were given some time. Even more so I wish the events during the street riots in the original Watchmen were focused on. There’s a whole lot I wish this title covered I guess but with one issue left, it’s either going to be a rush to the finish or like most of this run, more of the same.

This is now definitely my least favourite Before Watchmen title and I read through the pages taking almost nothing from them. It’s all blurred into a series of Blake spouting statements about how to deal with the enemy, his superiors not liking him but still putting up with him and having something or other with a smiley face on it. When I read re-read these entire runs back after the Before Watchmen series wraps up, I’m hoping to get something more out of the Comedian mini series but in this topsy turvy release schedule of titles I feel like I’ve lost my hold on Eddie Blake’s ‘Nam adventure and find myself indifferent to its content.

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Weekly Before Watchmen Overview:

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