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The 15 Best Dance Movies Of The Past 30 Years

It seems to us that a truly great dance movie comes around about every two years (trust us – we know math) and that means we’re about due. BATTLE OF THE YEAR (Watch the trailer here and prepare to be blown away) is out September 20th, and that seems like a definite contender. Until then, we present you our definitive list of the best 15 dance movies of the past 30 years.


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Sabatoge Wasn’t on Beyonce’s To-Do List

Did Beyonce really plot to silence her Destiny’s Child cohorts so she could be the main attraction at the Super Bowl? Not a chance, says original group member LeToya Luckett.

“Despite any ‘diva’ stories you may hear about Beyonce, she would never intentionally do anything like that,” the singer exclusively told Celebuzz, after some claimed that Queen Bey had ordered Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland‘s mics to be turned off during Sunday’s halftime show.

from destiny’s child to solo star: the evolution of beyonce

10 Photos Suspicion was raised on when Williams and Rowland were drowned out by Beyonce’s booming voice. But Luckett says the showstopping reunion — even with a lack of Kelly and Michelle — was fine in her book.

“I was in Miami recording when I saw their performance, and I thought that they were all phenomenal,” said Luckett, who added that the Destiny’s Child regrouping came as no surprise.

“Just three days before the Super Bowl, Michelle actually sent me a text and I had a hunch something was up. It made total sense to me for Destiny’s Child to get back together for such a huge event because they just released their new Love Songs album.”

destiny’s child rocks the superbowl

10 Photos

Luckett joined Destiny’s Child in 1993 with fellow group member LaTavia Roberson; both were abruptly replaced by Williams and Farrah Franklin in 2000 and subsequently endured several court battles to get their share of album royalties. However, despite these problems Luckett and Williams went on to become friends.

Despite the bumpy start, Luckett is still going strong. Her debut 2006 album LeToya reached number one on the Billboard charts, while her acting resume includes parts in the 2010 film Killers and the TV shows Treme and For Richer And Poorer. She also owns a successful boutique, Lady L, in Houston.

“Things have worked out really well for me, and what went on with Destiny’s Child in the past was purely business,” she said. “I genuinely wish them every success in the future.”

from destiny’s child to solo star: the evolution of beyonce

32 Photos As for Luckett’s future?

“I am making new music in 2013 and will also star in an independent film Concerto alongside Janel Parish from Pretty Little Liars and Jackson Rathbone from Twilight,” she said. “Destiny’s Child will always be part of my past but I’m concentrating on the future and everything that it will present with an open heart.”

Do you think Beyonce would ever hatch a sinister plot to keep the spotlight on herself, or is Luckett right? Tell us your conspiracy theories in the comments section.

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