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Rosie Pope Pens Pregnancy Guide Book

Mike Coppola/Getty

From maternity designer to TV star to mommy-of-three, Rosie Pope sure knows the ins and outs of pregnancy and motherhood.

And now she’s sharing her secrets with expectant mamas in her latest endeavor, Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy, in which she chronicles the monthly milestones leading up to baby’s big arrival.

“I have an amazing access to a lot of experts from the best OBGYNs to the best fitness trainers and I also have a lot of personal experience,” Pope, who welcomed her third child in May, tells Today.

“I wanted to marry all that expert science with my personal mom experience and provide a book that has everything you need to know about pregnancy.”

Divided up into chapters that focus on everything from prenatal testing and ultrasounds to proper nutrition and the changes between your body, baby and partner, Pope balances her own witty accounts of past pregnancies with professional advice.

The result? A book, which she launched exclusively at Destination Maternity last week, that provides future moms with plenty of tips and tricks to tackling pregnancy by easing a few of their greatest fears and answering some burning questions.

“The problem is everybody wants to do the best job they can do… so the anxiety is overwhelming,” she says of pending parenthood. “If you just have a book to point you in the right direction I think you can really feel equipped and confident.”

Mike Coppola/Getty

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