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Oh, Downton Abbey Was Also on TV Last Night

On a night when Americans were forced to choose between Breaking Bad‘s penultimate episode, Dexter‘s finale and a weird-as-hell Emmys telecast, across the pond there was another little TV event, known as the season (or series, as it’s called over there) four premiere of Downton Abbey. PBS, however, won’t be airing the season stateside until January. And so begins our long national nightmare of Downton spoiler avoidance.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 9.5 million Britons tuned in for the premiere last night, making it the show’s highest-rated season premiere ever. That’s 9.5 million Britons who know what happened and could tweet about it any minute. In addition, the show will soon be (or, more likely, already is) online for illegal downloading in the U.S., meaning there are probably some Americans out there who’ve seen it as well. That’s quite a lot of people who already know that Lady Mary .

So how do we avoid spoilers? The easiest (and most dramatic) way is to block all mentions of the show on Twitter. Online is where you’re most likely to accidentally stumble upon some information you didn’t want to read. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do – you can learn how to block out entire subjects on TweetDeck here.

As for human-to-human interaction, let’s just all make a pact to keep Downton Abbey plot details to ourselves shall we?

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