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10 Fictional Locations That Would Look Great In A Live Action Movie

Etheria Fright Zone

Fictional locations are almost as iconic as the characters who originate in them and some of them are visually very striking indeed.

When I first saw the likes of Krypton, Oa and, in particular, Asgard in the Man of Steel, Green Lantern and Thor movies respectively, I was blown away and seeing such locations brought to life on the big screen got me thinking which other examples would look great with a live action makeover.

The possibilities are endless, but I’ve pulled together a selection that I think would look particularly great in a live action movie (I should stress before you read on that my focus is mainly – though not explicitly – on comic book locations).

Without further ado, here are ten fictional locations that would look great in a live action movie…

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Bundesliga Round Up: Matchday 4

Schalke 2 0 Leverkusen

Bayern’s draw against Freiburg in midweek gave Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Mainz the opportunity to move above the Bavarians in the table but only one side could take advantage.

Hannover earned their second home win of the season and ended Mainz 100% start with a 4-1 victory. The visitors took the lead on the 12th minute through Nicolai Muller but Mame Diouf equalised just after the half hour mark, before Artur Sobiech headed the home side into the lead. 10 minutes from the final whistle Didier Ya Konan put the hosts 3-1 up and Eric Prib netted his first goal late on to give the scoreline a one-sided look.

Schalke had a disastrous start to their season but the Royal Blues secured an impressive 2-0 win against previously undefeated Bayer Leverkusen. Kevin Prince-Boateng made his Schalke debut and caused problems and Hoger flicked home Farfan’s free-kick on the half hour mark. 7 minutes from time Farfan got on the scoresheet himself from the penalty spot.

Monchengladbach defeated Werder Bremen 4-1 at home to secure their second win of the season. Arango gave the hosts the lead before Raffael doubled their advantage in the second-half. A comeback looked possible when Nordveit put the ball into his own net with 20 minutes remaining but just 5 minutes later Kruse restored the two goal advantage, with Herrmann putting the game beyond any doubt with 5 minutes to go.

Hamburg comfortably secured a 4-0 victory against Eintracht Braunschweig with Van Der Vaart and Zoua scoring early goals for the hosts. Calhanoglu netted a late brace to ensure Hamburg’s first win of the season was by a large margin.

Elsewhere, Wolfsburg scored two in quick succession to end Hertha Berlin’s unbeaten won. Olic opened the scoring after 43 minutes before Diego netted a penalty to double the hosts advantage heading into the interval.

A late goal from Vogt gave Augsburg a narrow 1-0 win away at Nuremberg, leaving the hosts second bottom in the Bundesliga table and still without a win.

On Sunday, Dortmund did exactly what they needed to do and secured a 2-1 victory at Frankfurt. Mkhitaryan hit a brace, with a goal coming either side of Kadlec’s equaliser for Frankfurt. The victory puts Jurgen Klopp’s men 2 points clear of rivals Bayern at the top of the table.

In Sunday’s only other fixture Stuttgart smashed six past Hoffenheim and won 6-2. A hat-trick from Ibisevic, alongside a brace from Maxim and a goal from Rudiger gave Stuttgart their first victory of the season- having previously lost all 3 of their previous Bundesliga matches. Volland and Firmino were on target for Hoffenheim.

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5 Amazing Pop Anthems Of Summer 2013

Popanthem Main

Pop has come back full force this summer with the emergence of mega-hits from everyone from Gaga to Miley. Pop as a genre seems to be experiencing a fantastic period of cyclical pleasure. Whatever your pop allegiance, there’s no denying that everyone’s been enjoying some of the best tunes this summer.

However, some songs have been woefully ignored, and relegated to being a popular album track or have even been left out without a proper release date for fans to scramble at desperately in order for the tune to become a central part of their essential pop summer soundtrack.

So, without further ado, here are five amazing pop anthems of summer 2013, varying from the hugely successful to the largely unrecognised…

5. Jason Derulo – “The Other Side”

Popanthem Jasonderulo

Returning after a serious neck injury with a barnstorming new single, Jason Derulo’s new single ‘The Other Side’ at first seems like any of the other kinds of EDM/dance-pop currently sitting happy in the charts but not really proving to be anything revolutionay or worth mentioning. Derulo is, after all, quite adept at these dance-pop ditties but after a year or so out of the game, his return is a pleasant treat.

However, the song quickly grows on you with a sweet and danceable chorus about changing from friends into lovers that’s found its way on the dancefloor very quickly. The fact that this was written about Derulo’s current beau, the sweet and lovely R&B singer Jordin Sparks, makes this song go down better than ice cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day and is all the more enjoyable for that. After all, everyone loves a couple genuinely in love.

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5 Great TV Sketch Shows You Should Watch

That Mitchell And Webb Look

We recently listed five awful TV sketch shows that nobody misses and mercilessly pointed out why they were so flawed. But for every awful mess of a sketch show you see on TV, there are a lot more that that are inventive, well made, and most importantly of all: funny.

So today, in order to redress the balance, we’re looking at 5 Great TV Sketch Shows You Should Watch…

5. Come Fly With Me (BBC1, 2010 – 2011)

Come Fly With Me BBC

The most recent collaboration from Little Britain creators Matt Lucas and David Walliams was Come Fly With Me, a sketch show made in the mockumentary format that parodies reality shows such as Airline, and was narrated by Lindsay Duncan. It feels very much like a continuation of Little Britain in spirit but Lucas and Walliams’ years of experience since then have allowed them to create a stronger programme and avoid some of the traps they fell into with Little Britain like too much of a focus on gross-out humour.

Come Fly With Me’s biggest strength is that it’s a mockumentary as well as a sketch show. All of the sketches taking in place in one location keeps the ideas from being too scattershot with all of the comedy relating to airports and air travel in some way, spoofing everything from easyJet to paparazzi. The mockumentary format also allows for sketches where the different characters interact with each other, which is a rare thing in sketch comedy and allows for a better variety of sketches rather than the same jokes in all six episodes. Though the programme does fall into that trap with some of its characters such as coffee seller Precious, a character with the single joke that she always makes an excuse to shut her kiosk early. Despite that, it still manages to create a decent set of characters that largely go beyond catchphrase and bodily fluid spouting caricatures.

Come Fly With Me BBC Precious

Another nice touch is that Lucas and Walliams’ star power made it possible to include a number of high-profile guest stars including Rupert Grint and David Schwimmer as themselves in some surprisingly well put together sketches such as Schwimmer being stopped at customs for trying to smuggle transsexual pornography which he then blames on Matt LeBlanc.

After it became a big hit right from the start, a second series of Come Fly With Me was almost a certainty but Matt Lucas not wanting to carry on with it has put the brakes on another series, making Come Fly With Me a very entertaining one-series wonder.

What Are Its Best Known Sketches?

Low cost airline owner Omar Baba, workshy coffee stall worker Precious Little, and racist immigration officer Ian Foot.

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10 More Trippy Freak Out Film Scenes That Will Melt Your Mind


Like a bad case of the movie munchies, we’re coming back for more.

Following on from my previous article, here are a further ten examples of film characters tripping on everything they can get their mashed little mitts on. Prepare yourselves for a second dose of Sixties psychedelia, an eye-opening ride through the Eighties and plenty of scenes that’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. There’s even a lion thrown in there somewhere.

And so, in what must be surely one of the most madcap movie marathons ever assembled, I present to you 10 More Trippy Freak Out Film Scenes That Will Melt Your Mind. Once you’ve reached the end, we recommend a couple of paracetamol and a nice lie-down. Just don’t stare at the ceiling for too long…

10. Training Day


Never let it be said that Detective Alonso Harris (Denzel Washington) is lacking a sense of humour. After goading his new partner, the naive rookie Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke), into smoking a pot pipe confiscated from a crime scene, he takes no small pleasure in watching Hoyt hack and splutter from the passenger seat. But this doesn’t feel like an ordinary joint…

As Hoyt slumps back in his seat, his face turning a sickly shade of green, he watches from his window as the colour slowly drains from the outside world. Harris seems unconcerned, his voice echoing around the car. But after a spot of banter becomes something a bit more sinister, he decides to pull out the punchline. No wonder Hoyt’s feeling less than fresh: the marijuana had been laced with PCP. Buurrrn!

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10 Comic Book Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows


Over the last fifteen years, comic book adaptations have been met with an incredible amount of success on the big screen. Though superhero films existed before (Richard Donner’s Superman films, the Batman films, etc.), films like Blade, X-Men, and Spider-Man helped pave the way for a superhero genre, which didn’t exist until recently.

Now, comic book characters are being treated seriously and each summer is dominated by superhero franchises, which continue to push the limits both in terms of quality and box office returns. Marvel’s The Avengers and Iron Man 3 have solidified their place on the list of the highest grossing films of all time (third and fifth, respectively), and Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy grossed nearly 3 billion dollars from 2005-2012.

Though Arrow is gearing up for its second season, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is set to premiere this fall, it’s impossible not to notice the lack of comic book properties on the small screen. TV immediately seems like a more fitting medium for them than film, due to the same serialized storytelling and emphasis on world-building that you get with comic books.

It’s also easier to flesh out storylines, build upon characters, and reach an audience weekly, rather than just during the summer blockbuster season. Some characters would even fare better on the small screen than they would in a movie of their own.

Both Arrow and S.H.I.E.L.D. are interesting templates that future shows could follow. Arrow’s grounded approach to its hero is highly accessible to general audiences. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mission of tying in to Marvel’s cinematic universe offers a unique opportunity for the show to flesh out characters and stories that may not make it into feature films.

Whether it’s DC or Marvel, the idea of expanding their respective universes through television shows is an exciting prospect, with limitless possibilities for tie-ins and crossovers. In turn, this will allow for a more rich and intricately woven viewing experience. The expansion of these characters will reverberate through both film and television.

Here are 10 characters who deserve television shows of their own…

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4 Football Club Owners Rewriting History

Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/Press Association Images

History is the lifeblood of a sporting institution. Be it the Liverpool reverence of Shankly, Green Bay Packers adoration of Vince Lombardi, or the inevitably long-lasting legacy that Fergie has left behind at Man United, everything a club does is held in context of what has gone before. The downfalls of clubs like Leeds and Nottingham Forest in recent times, are all the more shocking, because they were taking Europe by storm, not just their own country.

Usually it is events on the pitch that decide which way a club’s history will go, but there are some owners who for various reasons, from making their own egotistical mark to the more understandable maximising of revenue streams, have changed key traditions at the risk of antagonising their most important allies – the fans.

Whether it be Vincent Tan at Cardiff City, Assem Allam at Hull City (no Tigers), or the notorious Art Modell’s transformation of the Cleveland Browns into the Baltimore Ravens, the history of sport is littered with brave and often stupid moves.

Read on for some of the most controversial.

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10 Episodes That Prove 30 Rock Is The Greatest Sitcom Ever Made

30 Rock

NBC Universal Television Distribution

30 Rock is a strange beast: it’s funny, heartwarming, meta, surreal and yet one of the funniest shows ever to have been on TV. But how? On paper it sounds like it shouldn’t work, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) is a head-writer on a low-rated comedy programme, called The Girlie Show, when her new boss Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) suggests that to boost the flagging ratings, they should hire A-List comedy star Tracy Morgan as its new star.

So, a comedy show about a comedy show, revolving a lot around media and meta humour, and yet it was loved by many, even those not in the industry themselves. It worked on the fact that even though you may not have known much about the setting, you would connect to the characters and their experiences. And it worked, even with its surreal tangents into madness, talking peacocks and characters blacking up, so let’s take a look at why it’s the best sitcom ever made, by talking about its 10 best episodes.

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15 Most Charismatic Frontmen Of All Time

Steven Tyler1

To be a great frontman you must possess a commanding presence. As Quentin Crisp rightly put it, charisma is “the ability to influence without logic.”

People often get confused between what makes a great frontman and what makes a charismatic frontman. Lou Reed, Alex Turner, Ian Curtis, Brandon Flowers and Liam Gallagher are all amazing frontman but to label them ‘charismatic’ is something totally different. There may be some names you don’t agree with, some you’re surprised are in there or perhaps you’ll end up swearing at your laptop screen because Bruce Dickinson and Randy Blythe weren’t listed: this isn’t a Metal list by any means. Nor is it a list that favours pure Indie. It’s a collection of 15 frontmen from all eras of popular culture, neatly gathered in one place for your entertainment.

15. Brian Molko

Brian Molko

The Brian Molko is often overlooked in lists such as this, but ever since Placebo stepped into the limelight with their breakthrough record Nancy Boy, audiences globally have been intrigued by Brian’s androgynous outer appearance and rebellious character. It has to be said that he possesses one of the most distinctive voices in alternative rock/goth rock/post-punk/whatever you want to label it, or music in general for that matter.

Brian has stated that his notably goth-inspired look of fashioning black nail polish, eyeliner and lipstick is a way of transporting fans into an alternative reality.

You’d be right in thinking Molko had a tough time growing up, for if it wasn’t for his father at home disapproving of his artistic demeanour it was the relentless bullying he faced at school, which is the reason Placebo’s band manifesto is ‘by outsiders, for outsiders.’ With the 2013 release of Loud Like Love, their seventh studio album, Molko’s enigmatic eccentricities beguile audiences even today.

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10 Ways To Revive The Failing Horror Genre

Texas Chainsaw

It’ll never not seem weird to me. We pay good money to pack ourselves into theaters to watch something that we expect to unsettle us. We’re hoping that we end up unable to sleep, keeping the lights on, or if we do sleep, maybe we’ll wake up screaming in cold sweats. We’re actually disappointed if after the movie we can be comfortably alone, and we’re not looking over our shoulders. We hope after seeing it that hellacious evil is real and just around the corner. That’s what makes for a great horror movie.

But something happened. These days it seems like almost every horror movie is blasted by critics, and even the good ones have packed theaters of people laughing at the horror. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed when I was terrified. Sure, I’d laugh at Goosebumps now, but as a child I knew that fear was nothing to laugh at.

Maybe it’s because we now live in a world where there’s a camera in every hand and a light in every corner. The unexplained mysteries are disappearing as we keep uploading any image imaginable to the nearest search engine. We can see real people getting their heads cut off at the click of a mouse, and somehow now believe that all those ghosts and monsters our grandparents warned us about at camp fires were all a hoax. There’s nothing in the world as terrible as us, who’ve looked in the mirror too long, and found ourselves smiling, unable to be afraid.

But that can’t be the case. Not for most of us, at least. We’re not immune to fear. After all, we still need it – it serves an evolutionary purpose. A lot of us are just too safe to believe it’s still relevant, and the movies have gotten desperate in trying to have us recognize that. Take it from someone who still sleeps every night with his computer chair facing him so that he knows a severed Voldemort head isn’t plotting while it’s turned away, fear is still here. It’s just harder to find on the big screen.

Here are 10 things Hollywood needs to understand to revive the failing horror genre (a somewhat sequel to this earlier article)…

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