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3 Reasons Why Formula One Needs To Change

lewis hamilton

While it could be argued that the 2012 Formula One season was one of the best on record, it ended up being a two horse race between the usual suspects – Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

Yes I admit it was a turn out for the books after the first seven races were won by seven different drivers, including a first win for Mercedes AMG and Nico Rosberg. However, from the European GP onwards it was plain to see that McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull had built the best cars and even a rejuvanated Lotus with grumpy Kimi at the wheel could not stop the same old train running.

However, that said the end of 2012 saw some significant changes: one driver has retired again – that’s you Schumacher, one driver has decided to move between teams faster than Martin Brundle on a grid walk – that’s you Ferrari Simulator Tester Pedro De La Rosa.

With that change, which people could see as good or bad, the job of making F1 more accessible and ‘better’ is still not complete – these next pages will outline my views on what is wrong with F1.

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