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Game Of Thrones: 12 Sickening Moments Almost Too Disgusting For TV


Game Of Thrones certainly wouldn’t have worked ten years ago. On a simplistic level the series wasn’t developed enough; only three of the books (out of five now published and two more still to come) had been released, meaning the show would have little content beyond what will be our fourth series. But, more importantly, the TV landscape was a very different place. Peter Jackson had made high fantasy cool with his epic Lord Of The Rings series, so in theory this more medieval take wouldn’t have been a hard sell. But with Lost yet to capitalise on The X-Files’ success and kick more fantastical TV into the mainstream, it was either for kids or a part of our own world. And that’s not even touching on HBO, whose major shows, The Sopranos and The Wire, were gritty, crime-filled and yet to make massive waves.

Ultimately, however, Game Of Thrones wouldn’t have worked because so much of the content of George R.R. Martin’s source would have simply not been deemed acceptable in the past, if not by censors then by easily-shocked critics. Even today events like The Red Wedding, which were pretty restrained compared to some of the show’s goriest moments, still managed to cause a minor, Daily Mail-fuelled uproar, almost proving that now is the earliest we can get away with having the show.

To highlight this point, here are twelve moments from Game Of Thrones first three seasons that really push the limits of what can be shown on our television screens. There’s plenty of other moments that could have made it onto this list, but in order to keep it down to a readable length I stuck to the ones that really resonated with me.

Spoilers obviously abound from the very start…

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Game Of Thrones: 10 Saddest Character Deaths


Anyone even remotely familiar with George R. R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ novels and the epic TV show based on them is aware of the astonishing mortality rate of many of the central characters. As an avid lover of both the books and the show, I find this to be one of the most emotional and brilliant aspects of Martin’s world, having spent hours getting attached to these rich, interesting characters only to have my allegiance unexpectedly broken by their sudden, shocking and often gruesome demise.

I also found it incredibly difficult to write this piece without major spoilers for forthcoming episodes. But even for those who haven’t read the books, there’s a virtual gold mine of devastating and shocking kill-offs, with these being my top ten from the show so far.

10. Renly Baratheon

Renly Death

I’ll admit I feel as though I’ve only really included Renly for the sake of rounding out the list to an even ten. I never really felt as attached to him as several of the other characters in this list, therefore it was less of a crushing blow to me when he died. That being the case though, there’s no denying his death was certainly one of the more sudden and shocking of the second season.

Despite having fairly little screen time, Renly was a charismatic, charming character who played a fairly important role in the war until his shocking death at the hands of Stannis, Melisandre and their supernatural shadow assassin (that may very well have a proper title that I’ve missed in the books). While Renly’s death therefore wasn’t terribly upsetting to me, it was certainly a shocking kill-off that set Stannis up as a true contender for the Iron Throne, as well as hinting at the supernatural elements of Martin’s world that are often overlooked.

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