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10 Controversial Gaming Moments In 2013

Gta Gta

Another year of video games have passed and with it, another year of controversy. It’s nothing to be necessarily ashamed about because realistically every entertainment medium has their rotten apples, but it’s baffling all the same.

Some of the incidents truly came out of left field too, and as I look back on the moments I have hand-picked one of two things always comes to mind; A: what were the corporations thinking or B: why is this even causing an uproar. Seriously, a good chunk of this article is me telling everyone to quit crying on their soapbox for attention and internet fame.

These moments range from developer deception, to corporations screwing over consumers, to next generation battles, and more. In all honesty there are probably tons more out there but these are the 10 that still – after one long year- stick out at the front of my mind. It truly is a riot reflecting on these shenanigans and I sincerely hope you enjoy it (and get mad all over again).

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GTA V: 12 Dirty Hidden Secrets And Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Sexy Golf

Rockstar have a long and illustrious history of adding dirty little secrets into their games, and they seem to have whole-heartedly embraced the freer limitations of such an adult franchise as Grand Theft Auto, if the raunchy Easter Eggs and sexy hidden secrets within each game (especially the later ones) are anything to go by.

Naturally, most will mention the presence of the Hot Coffee mini-game that was “removed” from San Andreas, before modders found the code all nicely retained within the skeleton of the game (definitely not on purpose, or anything,) and there are seemingly hundreds of dirty Eggs that are just as provocative (more so in most cases,) which got a pass despite being much more adult.

Hiding these Eggs turns controversial content into a reward, and it’s probably fair to say that GTA fans would now think something was wrong if they weren’t uncovering something sordid out of the corner of their eye while wandering around a vast Rockstar universe.

And of course GTA V is no different – packed to the gills with Easter Eggs to an almost unprecedented level, the game offers so much more than its main storylines, thanks not only to the many, many side missions, but also the little secret touches that build a mythology around the universe and make it so much more engaging. Naturally, a good deal of those flourishes are dedicated to boobs, butts and penises.

There was a fairly insistent rumour from around a month ago that the game would allow protagonists to get their genitals pierced, if that sort of thing floats your boat, thanks to the presence of visiting tattoo artist Boonie, who specialised in genital piercing. That one, for now, remains to be confirmed, but you have to think that even Rockstar might draw the line at showing full-frontal pierced male nudity.

Or maybe they wouldn’t.

Honourable Mention

Playboy Mansion Gta V

Very much on the raunchier side of the findable Easter Eggs, considering the topless inhabitants wandering around even during the day, but it’s more than likely that you’ve discovered Rockstar’s architectural tribute to Hugh Hefner by now, especially since we’ve included it in our run down of the best Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs already.

And linked to the Playboy Mansion is the first of our raunchy little secrets…

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GTA V: 10 Awesome Things To Do In San Andreas


If, like us, you’ve been spending the last three days of your life in the fictitious environs of San Andreas rather than the real world, it’s likely because, along with the rest of the population, you’re hooked on GTA V.

Based on modern day Southern California, Rockstar game’s newest iteration in the long-running sandbox series takes players back to Los Santos and its surrounding areas of Blaine County.

But it’s nothing like the self-titled game of 2004 – not only have the graphics been upscaled but the neighbourhoods look and feel entirely different.

That’s not to say it isn’t a good place to be, in fact, it’s arguably one of the more vast and complete open-world universes ever put together by the developers.

Split into varying sections of class, today’s San Andreas ranges from the decaying to the decadent, the average to the affluent, and just about everything else in between.

The streets and suburbia quickly turn into beaches and desert regions as you speed by in your sports car, guaranteeing a rich and diverse playing experience.

And the inhabitants of San Andreas? More alive than they ever have been.

With random encounters to experience and freaks to discover, you won’t get bored in Los Santos or Blaine County.

And here, we take a look at 10 Awesome Things To Do In San Andreas.

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GTA V: 10 Reasons It Could Define This Generation Of Gaming

Gta V 600x300

We are one week away from GTA V’s release. The hype is nearing its culmination as Rockstar gives us teaser after teaser. It could be a story trailer, single player demonstration, online demonstration, or a random TV spot that crops up while watching Football (both American and European), whatever the case may be, it causes salivation.

Seven days now feel like an eternity of suffering, or I’m possibly just an inpatient bastard but again, whatever the case may be, GTA V is on the horizon and we can almost taste it. I don’t know why you would want to taste a plastic disc but GTA games are so irresistibly special that they have that effect.

Nevertheless, the game obviously looks outstanding, revolutionary, and groundbreaking, and since you’re not yet playing the game I figured now would be the perfect time to break down one last time, why this game has us in a state of frenzy.

From everything we have seen, GTA V very well could be the game that defines the closing console generation in grandiose and emphatic fashion. Click “next” below to get started…

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GTA V: 6 Things We Learned From The ESRB Rating Breakdown


It’s come as a surprise to literally no one on the planet that Grand Theft Auto V was handed an ESRB rating of Mature (the equivalent to an R rated film) but more tantalising are the details behind these vague words; intense violence, blood and gore, strong language, mature humor, strong sexual content, nudity, and use of drugs and alcohol.

Recently the ESRB also published a breakdown (free of spoilers) salivating us with a taste of what we can expect. In addition to that, some of the news is unexpected and shocking showcasing that Rockstar still lovers pushing the content boundaries of gaming forward. You just know multiple news outlets will have a field day with some of the circumstances mentioned below but for us gamers, well we just can’t wait.

So let’s begin the countdown, complete with quoted passages from the ESRB themselves regarding each intriguing bullet point…

6. There Are Boobies

Gta V

“The game includes depictions of sexual material/activity: implied fellatio and masturbation; various sex acts that the player’s character procures from a prostitute-while no nudity is depicted in these sequences, various sexual moaning sounds can be heard. Nudity is present, however, primarily in two settings: a topless lap dance in a strip club.”

Okay, so this one really isn’t too surprising considering L.A Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne 3 all had a few instances of brief nudity too, as well as other games not even developed by Rockstar. I think the industry has reached a point where this is simply acceptable now when you factor in the narrative advances gaming has trail-blazed lately.

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Before GTA V: 10 Forgotten Features That Were Deleted Pre-Release


Grand Theft Auto games are usually critically acclaimed titles (they very rarely fail to live up to the hype) and fans, reviewers and critics alike usually herald them for their amazing graphics, entertaining plot lines, gripping missions and gorgeous terrain.

It is easy sometimes not to look beyond the finished article and contemplate what might have been had certain features not been omitted from the final product of the game. Indeed, Rockstar Games – the publisher behind the ultra-popular open world sandbox title – removed several features from GTA games in the past that fans of the title simply never got a chance to experience.

These deleted features ranged from omitted vehicles and player skins to the removal of entire characters and mission strands. There were also several fantastic looking weapons that were taken out of games gone by that we never got a chance to wield, and this article focuses mostly on those.

Some of these deleted features were never to see the light of day in the Grand Theft Auto universe, whilst others were merely incorporated later in future iterations.

Here, we take a look at 10 forgotten features that were deleted pre-release.

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