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Guardians Of The Galaxy Leaked Footage: 5 Things We Learned


As revealed a couple of days ago, the Guardians of the Galaxy footage from Comic Con has leaked its way on to the web.

After details emerged from the crowds who attended the Marvel panel, it was only a matter of time before the footage found itself online.

Filming began in June and the movie is due for an August 2014 release and it will take the Marvel Cinematic Universe to truly cosmic levels, following the space-taster we got with the Chitauri in Avengers: Assemble.

Many sceptics believe it will never fit in with the ‘feel’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we’ve seen so far, for various reasons, and Marvel will surely be hoping that, despite the fact that the footage wasn’t purposely leaked, it will ease a few minds regarding the public’s opinions of the movie’s potential.

First things first, here is the leaked footage again:

Now, let’s look at five things we learned from the Guardians of the Galaxy leaked footage…

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