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Heather Morris Won’t Stop Parking On The Sidewalk Outside Of Her Apartment, And Her Neighbors Are PISSED!


Okay, we think Heather Morris may be doing some SERIOUS method acting!

Because this is the kind of FOOLISH only Brittany S. Pierce would find acceptable!

The Glee actress is apparently causing all sorts of drama with her neighbors because she won’t stop parking her car on the SIDEWALK in front of their El Lay apartment building, essentially BLOCKING all residents from using the entrance!

Worse yet, she HAS her own parking spot, and yet has STILL accrued at least FIVE parking tickets in the month of August for choosing to ignore that in lieu of the front curb..all because she finds it easier!

Well, we find it pretty EFFING rude! Not to mention illegal and potentially dangerous!

We understand the last thing you want to do after a long day is drive any more than you have to, but C’MON!

What would Lord Tubbington think, gurl?! Get it together!

[Image via Fanpop.]

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