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5 Reasons William Boyd’s “Solo” Should Be The Next James Bond Movie

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October 8th saw the release of the latest 007 novel Solo, by British author William Boyd. This time everyone’s favorite MI6 agent gets thrown into a mission that takes him to Zanzarim, Africa where a civil war is tearing the country apart. Bond’s mission seems pretty straightforward at first, but soon many unforeseen players reveal their hands and 007 is left stranded to take care of things himself.

Boyd, who grew up in Africa, has been writing about the continent since the 80s with hits such as “An Ice-Cream War.” His newest book, Solo, while steering away from what audiences have come to expect from a Bond novel is being praised overall for its gritty realism that is keeping James in touch with his darker side. Exactly what we have come to expect in more recent years.

While producers/filmmakers of the franchise have purposely steered away from the 007 “expanded universe” novels favoring original stories since they ran out of Fleming material after The Living Daylights, Solo is very much in step and spirit with the new Daniel Craig films. The timing coincides with making of Bond 24 and presents us with, more so than any other book before it, the chance of an adaptation.

Here are a few reasons why…

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