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Jeffrey Dahmer is Rap’s Favorite Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer is frequently name-checked in rap songs.

Katy Perry‘s latest release, “Dark Horse,” contained several surprises. First there was the trap beat, something of a surprise coming from Perry. Then there was Juicy J‘s reference to Jeffrey Dahmer in his verse of the song. Perry’s song isn’t the first time a song has name-dropped the man who raped, killed, dismembered and ate at least 17 men and boys over a 13 year period. Ke$ha caught some flack with the release of “Cannibal” for a similar reference to Dahmer. These references aren’t isolated cases, in fact, name-checking one of America’s most notorious serial killers is downright commonplace.

Here is just a sample of the dozens of songs which have evoked the name of the Milwaukee Cannibal.

“Dark Horse” Katy Perry (feat. Juicy J)

“She’s a beast / I call her karma / She’ll eat your heart out / Like Jeffrey Dahmer”

“Cannibal” Ke$ha

“Whenever you tell me I’m pretty / That’s when the hunger really hits me / Your little heart goes pitter patter / I want your liver on a platter / Use your finger to stir my tea / And for dessert I’ll suck your teeth / Be too sweet and you’ll be a goner / Yep, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer”

“Eat You Alive” Lil Wayne (feat. Ludacris)

“Let me out my cage, I’ll eat these beats / I’m hip hop’s Jeffrey Dahmer”

“The Cypher” Chris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall and Ace Hood

“Killing for survival / Jeffrey Dahmer, I’mma slaughter every beat that I’m on”

“You’re Gonna Love This” 3OH!3

“Yeah I don’t know what’s happening / And I swear to your honor that in my car that girl was biting on my lips like Jeffrey Dahmer”

“Must Be the Ganja” Eminem

“Faced with a dilemma, I can be a Dalai Lama and be calmer / Bring drama, I step beyond a Jeffrey Dahmer”

“Things Get Worse” Eminem (feat. B.o.B)

“They can’t even get Jeffrey Dahmer to pet the cougar”

“Fubba U Cubba Cubba” Eminem

“You think I’m the new Osama, press thinks I’m the new Madonna / Jeffrey Dahmer left me with his legacy to carry on”

“Black Friday” Lil Kim

“I smell a massacre / I’m Charles Manson, you don’t stand a chance with her / Jeffrey Dahmer and you lookin’ like lunch to me / ‘Bout to kill all you bitches like Ted Bundy”

“Clique/Fuckin’ Problem” Tyga

“Told my girl, Jeffrey Dahmer, and eat her out”

“Pretty Boy Swag (Remix)” Tyga

“Eat your heart out bitch, I’m Jeffrey / Dahmer, Damier my luggage”

“Natural Born Killaz” Dr. Dre (feat. Ice Cube)

“So I’mma pull a fucking Jeffrey Dahmer / Now I’m suicidal, just like Nirvana”

“Gingerbread Man” Gucci Mane

“Eat rappers like Jeffrey Dahmer / Dope color Sinead O’Connor”

“Dancin’ Dirty” Ludacris (feat. Chris Brown)

“She nasty with a nice persona, she bitin’ me like piranha / The modern day Jeffrey Dahmer, she must get it from her mama”

“I’m On It” J. Cole

“Don’t fight the feeling mama / Not Jeffrey Dahmer, but your body is a killer mama”

“Body Parts” Three 6 Mafia

“Could it be another Jeffrey Dahmer / I’m sneakin’ / And creepin’ / And blowin’ up shit like the Unabomber”

“Electric City” Black Eyed Peas

“La dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee, la dee dah / Killer on the loose, like I’m Jeffrey Dahmer”

“Benz or Beemer” OutKast

“My gat is in my lap, so what you wanna be startin’ now? / I’m pissin’ up on Jeffrey’s Dahmer grave, that cracker was foul”

Leave it to OutKast to always speak the truth.

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