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How to Get Star-Struck and Remain Totally Adorable, According to Jennifer Lawrence

Not that we need more proof that Jennifer Lawrence is the most down-to-earth, most endearing and grounded celebrity out there, but we couldn’t pass on the Oscar winner’s latest meet-and-greet with a fellow famous person.

J-Law lost her sh*t when she ran into Jeff Bridges last weekend during an Extra interview at Comic-Con in San Diego. Of course, the camera gods worked their magic so that the rest of us could gush in the adorableness that is Jennifer Lawrence giggling like a fangirl and apologizing to The Dude.

(Skip to 2:30 for the golden moment).

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lawrence, 22, has lost it over meeting someone in Hollywood. Remember when Jack Nicholson briefly joined her at a post-Academy Awards interview, and well, flirted with her?

To conclude, here’s how to react when meeting celebrities, according to Jennifer Lawrence.

1. Pretend to run away. (This is how they’ll notice you).

2. Praise them. Make them feel like the coolest person in the room.

3. Giggle. A lot.

4. Use gigantic facial expressions.

5. Act totally surprised, even if you’re a fellow famous person.

Never change, J-Law, never change.

[Gifs courtesy of Tumblr]

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Paparazzi Woes Lead This Week’s Top Quotes

Why is it that everything sounds so much more charming when it comes out of Jennifer Lawrence‘s mouth?

Normally, everyone would roll their eyes at another celebrity complaining about some pesky paparazzi, but in this week’s top quote, J-Law actually makes a pretty valid point.

In her interview for Vogue‘s coveted September issue, the off-the-cuff actress apparently suggested she and writer Jonathan Van Meter get drunk and then proceeded to say this about the struggle with her new-found fame:

If I were just your average 23-year-old girl and I called the police to say that there were strange men sleeping on my lawn and following me to Starbucks, they would leap into action. But because I am a famous person, well, sorry, ma’am, there’s nothing we can do. It makes no sense.

But before things got too diva, Jennifer managed to go on a 20-minute monologue about sponges and then talked about making fart jokes with Bradley Cooper and that time she got her hair cut on a cruise. God bless her.

Check out the gallery for some more celebrity gems from Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner, and others.

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