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JENNIFER LOPEZ Suffers Another Nip Slip During London Concert

JENNIFER LOPEZ suffered yet another nip slip during her recent London concert, according to star news.


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If you’re like Jennifer Lopez who can’t possibly do without wearing dresses with dangerously plunging necklines, you’re bound to have an embarrassing nip slip every now and then.

Shockingly, the former “American Idol” judge doesn’t seem to be worried even after having several “accidents” in the past because she totally wore one again and, as if to teach herself a lesson, accidentally exposed her entire left nipple while she busted her world-class moves in London’s O2 Arena on Monday night.

Lopez was, in every way, a pro so she simply continued dancing for a few moments longer with her areola hanging out.

Geez. Wonder if it even bothers her at all anymore…

Check out her NSFW photos here.

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