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Jude Law: Everyone’s Got A Dark Side (VIDEO)

Jude Law‘s second project with director Steven Soderbergh didn’t come with too many surprises.

Like 2011’s Contagion, Law’s character in Side Effects is a complicated one, with a possible evil side only reserved for the audience.

“What was intriguing to me about this piece is that the characters in it are all very whole. They’re all flawed, and real,” the British actor recently told Celebuzz.

“And those to me offer the opportunity both as a viewer and an actor — really curious characters. To me, they’re the closest to the kind of people that we all are.”

Law, 40, plays Dr. Jonathan Banks, a psychiatrist assigned to Rooney Mara‘s character Emily as she battles depression.

“[Soderbergh] likes the honesty of all of it . . . for me, I’ve always enjoyed the idea that sort of everyone has secrets, and everyone has dark sides, and characters are only interesting when they’re three-dimensional,” he said.

When it came to production, Law knew from experience that he would be working at lightning speed.

“I knew that Steven filmed real quick and that we would whip through this, so my preparation was really . . . I kind of grafted it, the journey. This level of isolation and obsession, and had it almost color coded in my head so I could hit it at any given time.”

Side Effects, also starring Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones, is playing in theaters everywhere.

For more of our exclusive chat with Jude Law, check out the video, above. Then tell us: what’s your favorite Jude Law film?

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