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Judge Gives JCPenney The ‘OK’ To Sell Martha Stewart Products


It’s a good thing, well, maybe not for Macy’s.

The department store’s lawsuit against JCPenney over Martha Stewart‘s contract backfired after a judge gave JCP the green light to move forward with the craft queen’s store-in-store plans.

Judge Jeffrey Oing said in his ruling:

“It’s one thing to enjoin MSLO because I believe the company is sort of the centerpiece of all these actions. It’s another thing to enjoin a retailer from doing business…We have two retailers here trying to get a share of market. Macy’s consumers are different from JCP’s consumers. JCP is trying to increase the kinds of consumers that JCP has coming through their stores. That may or may not work. I don’t want to extend that [Martha Stewart] injunction any further and tie JCP’s hands.”

Based the decision, JCP agreed they wouldn’t breach the terms of the previous injunction that protects the department store to sell certain goods exclusively.

Ans just in case they do, Oing stated Macy’s could receive “monetary relief” and he would have “no trouble telling JCP to yank all the items off the shelf” in the future.

DAYUM, go ‘head judge!!

Even with all the DRAMA, a Macy’s spokesperson said they will continue to sell the Martha Stewart-branded merchandise until their contract expires in January 2018.

The judge, however, said he would consolidate Macy’s cases against JCP and Stewart’s company with a new trial set in November.

Hmm, we wonder what’s going to happen next!!!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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