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Matt Damon’s Daughter Drummed on His Bald Head

Matt Damon Elysium Premiere

Picture Perfect/Rex USA

Matt Damon‘s hair grew back just in time for him to walk the red carpet with wife Luciana at the premiere of Elysium on Wednesday at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, Calif.

Elysium, which is set in the year 2154, required Damon, 42, to shave his head. His character, Max, looks not just tough, but also futuristic, since he wears robotic parts that are drilled into his body.

Damon said that going through the change in appearance was “really fun” and that going bald was freeing.

“And as far as just shaving the head, it’s really liberating to jump out of the shower and run a towel over your head and be done,” he told PEOPLE.

Damon’s family enjoyed the transformation as well, especially his 2 -year-old daughter Stella, whom, Damon admits, he goes to great lengths to entertain.

“Once my kids got used to it, and my wife, then the rest is easy. They liked it,” he says. “My youngest was less than a year at the time, and she used to drum on my head. She thought that was the funnest thing, and so, you know, when you’re a parent, you’ll do anything to make your 10-month-old smile. So I would put my head in her lap and let her bang away as long as she wanted.”

– Sheila Cosgrove Baylis with reporting by Scott Huver

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